Thursday, February 7, 2002

well i'm here...

at my terminal, funny how people refer to computers as terminals. i mean if i was terminated that'd be a bad thing (at least to me) and yet we call computers terminals... maybe they just call them that at works and stuff cause when you are at work on a computer, you feel like you're at a terminal...

terminal = stop, end


that just got me. so yea, i was reading ameer's blog.... funny when i say that. i can only imagine how people like jason, chris, eric, david... etc feel when they've got friends with similar names, cause i only know a few people named amir, much less ameer.

i read his blog and i like his thoughts, you should check him out i mean anyone else named ameer has GOT to be hella cool.. shit look at the comment he left for me...


I must say that Im beyond happy to know that there are at least two ameers roaming free on the internet. We should get together and form some sort of club. We could call it "Ameers Anonymous" or just "AA" for short. Wait, I think that ones already taken. Its just as well. Most ameer's end up destitute alcoholics anyway. I look forward to reading your blog. I ll be adding you to my links section if for no other reason than to see our beautiful name shamelessly plastered on my site. Long live us.


A (me)ER.


haha i like him already! and i've only read a few of his days and he even backed me up on this person who's set on me being: indian, smelly, and working at a 7-11.... i'm neither, (well smelly sometimes, but i shower daily!)

anyhow, i went to see gene ferris. he was ok, it's cool when you realize the tracks that he's playing, he even played balmes! the ian pooley remix with esthero! whom i MET and got her signature! whoopie

anyhow, my day has been almost as boring as this useless blog entry, my week has actually. it's what i make of it. till then it'll still be boring...


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