Tuesday, March 28, 2006



i humor myself. a day or so after posting the blurb about nalgene bottles, i went and purchased a sigg bottle. i love my sigg bottle!

it's the camo forest one!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

ncg logo

this was my attempt to make an nba/nfl/nbl type logo out of a dude sitting at a desk on a computer. it didn't happen.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

this meeting included everything from texas-t, to aladdin's lamp, on to a paper clip, and finally the schematic and outline of my pc watercooled system. we also covered work stuff too.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

sbucks goal

we talked about goals on the day that starbucks (aka starsbuck to one of my coworkers) was giving away a free cup of joe.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


waa waa

i love to drink water. i love to drink tea too. i love coffee, cranberry juice, dr. pepper, cactus cooler, arizona iced green tea with honey… i like drinking scotch, cabernet sauvignon, vodka, lager, cape cods, man i could go on for days.

but most of all i like water. no, i love water.

i played soccer since i can remember. during halftime, breaktime at practice, or during any physical activity i participated in, there’s was only one thing to drink, water. i can relate to adam sandler’s character in the waterboy –well i can relate more than most can. there really is nothing like some high quality h2o!

thing is, drinking water is boring. water has no flair, no color, no prestige, and no past. most people drink water from their aquafina 16.7oz bottles with the same enthusiasm as one would have while taking out the garbage. drinking water is often referred to as “good for you”, yet doing it is more of a chore than an enjoyably hydrating experience.

i’ve always enjoyed water’s taste. in fact, i’m notorious for diluting my cranberry juice (1/2-1/2), my milk (i just can’t drink thick milk… yuck!), i enjoy the bland taste.

purified spring water is available at virtually infinite amounts in almost any office across the usa. and few others take advantage of this fact more than i. word on the streets these days says 8 glasses (8oz per glass) of water per day is the recommended amount of water

most people fret at the thought of consuming 64 ounces of plain ol’ gross bland water in a short 24 hr period. they grab a huge ass 32oz coke from the jack in the box drive thru for lunch, and polish it off with no sweat, but drinking that 64oz of water just doesn’t appeal to them.

i’ll dust 32oz of water before lunch with ease. i’ll have a morning coffee or tea, then a glass or two of water or soda with lunch, and maybe an afternoon coffee or soda. of course i always have 32-64oz more water between lunchtime and when i go to sleep. that’s quite a bit of liquid!

how do i keep track of these quantities? well that takes me to my favorite part of drinking water, my bottles!

up to now, nalgene has been my bottle manufacturer of choice. the 32oz widemouth style constructed of lexan suits me perfectly, with the little insert splash guard for maximum splash safety. i love the feel, the look, the colors! nalgene put some quality behind their bottles, simple, yet done right. the lids fit so secure that i feel 100% confident that leaking will not occur under any circumstances. the vibrant colors make me want to drink drink drink away the contents. and of course, the approx volume indicator measuring up to 1000ml and 32oz on the side gives me a proper gage of how far i’ve come and where i need to go.

i’ve bought my family, friends, and co-workers nalgene bottles. if only everyone in the world had nalgene bottles, we’d sing “it’s a small world after all” all day while holding hands… and of course drinking water!

big monitors

in a meeting we were talking about bigger monitors. my pen liked the idea.

Monday, March 13, 2006

volume knob

anyone see that movie spinal tap? there's no 11, but you know what i was thinking.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

mstrkrft panthers remix

thank mstrkrft with your panthers

i love songs. music. noise. whatever people refer to when describing the sound waves i intentionally direct towards my ear drum (or bob my head to).

The song that’s caught my eye (ear) today is a remix. (follow me if you can) jesse keeler from death from above 1979 and al-p from girls are short make up a group called MSTRKRFT (pronounced Master Craft), and these two fellas did a remix of the panther’s song “thank me with your hands”.

the song starts out with an aggressively rock influenced dance inspired bass line. within 3 seconds of the song i was already in love, but it gets better.

the panther’s lyrics hit you with a mandatory jump up and down feeling. Some of the lines in this song just dead rock out. it’s a breakup-I’m over you type song turned party favorite –omgwhatisthissongyou’replayingmr.dj!!!

the fantastic~ness of this song is discovering it’s evolution. i found the original version of “thank me with your hands” by the panthers. i listen to this song, wondering why the hell MSTRKRFT remixed it??? 'this sucks' would be a compliment to the original track. i’d say 1.3 on a 1-10 scale. how the heck did jesse and al come up with the genius remix that we hear now? Talk about turning water into wine, MSTRKRFT has a midas mixer or something similar going on in the studios.

i do have to say it’s a bit cliché, songs about girls and broken relationships. I also am not a fan of overusing words like “tonight” in songs, which this song heavily overdoes. however, the goods shun out the bads in this case.

the background vocals add even more fun. combine fun with the dancy-funky bass line and you got fun+dance. finally, throw in some electric guitar and you’ve got hip jam. that's a fun-dance-hip-jam. i feel 2 notches cooler driving around with this song playing a max volume.

on a personal note, i recently discovered the song wild horses by the rolling stones. i had heard and remembered the melody from my childhood, but did not know the artist or lyrics. i rediscovered wild horses right before i heard this song. the reference to wild horses in thank me with your hands is hilarious. i mean, who doesn’t wear shorts, listen to wild horses, and not cry? we can all relate!

here’s the lyrics:

i think i’m gonna leave brooklyn for a while,
i think i’m gonna go oakland for a while,
i’m gonna wear shorts
and i’m not gonna cry
when i listen wild horses
i dig holes all day
you and me, we’re not the same
we speak in sounds-secret sounds, secretly slang

you didn’t
you didn’t hurt me,
i got no feelings left
i dig holes all day,
you and me we’re not the same
we speak in sounds, secret sounds, secretless slang

let’s not talk about it,
we never did so why start now,
let’s go back to your place,
and not talk about it there.
i was thinking,
we should sleep i separate beds.
but the heat’s gone to my head,
let’s get sad at the same time tonight.

doodle, yes

apparently i felt the need to note that this grape cluster was in fact a doodle. i like arrows coupled with descriptions. 

Saturday, March 4, 2006


you, and you, and me?

i’m sick of couples. there needs to be a bit more compassion toward the single persons in this day and age. couples do as they please, bicker and whine at will, and seem to be taking my current world by storm.

it all started way back in the early days of high school. girls started becoming more interesting than video games, music, cars, and sports. well, for my friends that is. i obsessed about girls just as much as the rest of my peers, however i obsessed equally about car stereos, horsepower, videos, computers, and other interests. most of my friends pseudo shared these interests, with me. the other 85% of their time not spent with friends talking about kenwood’s newest model of amplifier, they were focused on girls. or worse yet, they were spending time with their girlfriend.

every guy does the same old act, we do it -we know it, yet we do it anyhow. guys bitch and moan to their friends, complaining about some prior engagement with their girlfriend that prohibits them from partaking in any of the upcoming weekend’s planned activities. they swear that she’s insane and that he’s this close to just letting her go due to her outrageous demands. of course, you and i know this is not the case. he’s dying to snuggle with her and a dvd just as bad as she is, even if it is maid in manhattan that they’re watching.

my tone may sound a bit bitter towards couples in general. and granted i’m not jumping for joy that my friends have significant others, but i am not bitter/jaded/jealous/etc…

all i ask is one simple requisition. leave me alone!

is it too much to ask to just let me be? singles let’s unite, doubles go find a room. far too many of my friends only make appearances in pairs. it’s as if the coupleness blinds them from the fact that being a 3rd wheel is not the ideal friday night for your neighborhood single (read: me). they selfishly want to spend time with their friends while bringing along their better (or worse) half. that’s having cake then eating it too, which i’m told is not allowed.

i find that couples repel me from daily activities i would normally enjoy. the list starts at talking, watching tv, eating, cooking, and ends at being in the same room with other human beings. i just don’t like spending time with couples, simple.

thing is, this year started off with a game of pictionary, two couples, and me. yes that was my new years eve activity, hello 2006. of course with 5 people, one team had unfair advantage to win, and when we did (guys v girls) of course they complained that the teams weren’t fair. way to go compassionate couples, i’ll just dig a hole right here and jump on in.

even on the rare occasion that i get a coupled friend alone for some good ol hanging out, the bulk of their conversation encompasses that other person. it’s as if they know i’m not 3rd wheel, and sense that i miss being in 3rd position.

i suppose there’s only one remedy to the issue at hand here, excommunicate all that are coupled. thing is, i have a tiny reserve against deleting 95% of my address book. i suppose worse things have happened to people less deserving.