Monday, April 29, 2002


so i got jacked today... by guess who?

fuckin microsoft!

so i pirated a copy of win xp and now i'm running that rite.. ok so who buys that kinda stuff these days anyhow... that's not the point. point is that i went and purchased with 25 of my own dollars the stupid fish screen saver rite.... yea so what big deal i bought a 25 dollar screensaver... it's been done before ...

BUT they only give you three of the fish... and the fucking shit head fuck fucks want you to pay 21.95 more to get all 15 fish!!!

iv'e been cursed with a love for fish i swear!

such a sucka. it's just wrong, wrong wrong wrong.

now that i've shown exactly HOW inteligent i really am, i'm going to look at my fish-screensaver...


Wednesday, April 24, 2002

just took a quiz...

made my rainy day a bit brighter.

thanks nancy

turns out that i'm bubbles!

who knew:

bubbles, she's the cute one!

here's the link to the quiz i took... more on birthday's later


boobs, every guy thinks boobs are important, no matter what they say they are important! i mean it's one of the few things that defines a woman, and well if a guy likes a woman then he's going to like boobs since they're part of a woman.


since guys are big on them, well, so are girls! girls care about boobs too, they want them to look nice, be nice, and attract attention from guys. maybe not at all times, but sometimes they do.


so what about those girls who don't have "the perfect boobs"

do guys still like those girls??


hells yea. just cause a girl doesn't have the perfect rack doesn't mean she's not the perfect girl, or woman for that matter.

i mean i see lots of pretty girls that i think would be more attractive sexually with bigger boobs...

BUT that doesn't mean that they should get their boobs done to look so.

fake boobs are a turn off.

first off if someone is so vain as to pay thousands of dollars so that their boobs are bigger isn't someone that i'm looking for.

second off if money isn't an issue and they're filty rich and the few thou isn't really a big deal to them it's still a turn off that they're not happy enough with what they look like already.

i personally think it's very sexy when a girl is comfortable with her body, and content with what she has. even more so if it's NOT the typical hourglass shape body.

i mean i like a typical bikini model body as much as the next guy

but it's different.

the principles

the priorities

there's so much that is just plain wrong...

it's like me going out and getting a fake sixpac... (cause i've got a fat gut)

but it'd just not really be ME.

and that's what i ultimatley want, ME... wait no, damn man... blogging's got me losing my mind and my thoughts in one consecutive manner...

bottom line, i don't like fake boobs... let's boycott them!

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

went to frisco.


went to berkeley


went to oakland


the bay was a good ass vacation for me. the only negative reprocussion was that today (monday) i still felt like i was on vacation.

i mean being a tourist is pretty draining, specially walking up that hill before lombard street (the most crooked street in the world)

the most curvy street

it's strange... i hung out with people that i don't really hang out with, well not normally. and i realized that there's lots of people in the world that i've not gotten to know and prolly would love to spend time with.

it's kinda sad that there's prolly kids i'd get along with somewhere else on this planet and i'll never get to even know them...

what if in some far away country is the perfect girl for me?

and i'm the perfect guy for her.

but since we're so far away we'll never meet and we'll spend all our lives looking for eachother but not finding each other and settling and ultimately end up miserable at the age of 70...

i guess it happens to people, could happen to me.

and my girl!

Friday, April 19, 2002


after coasting thru some blogs scavenging for some inspiration i came across nancy's page and she was talking about the fact that she's not sure if she's a tomboy or not.

i just want to quickly go into that for a sec.... on the outside it looks like she's way girly and foofooey so she says... i mean sure the web address and the colors and the cute little pandas and the flowers are all pretty damn girly, that's just surface stuff. i mean if someone wears pink or blue, doesn't make them a girly girl or a tomboy... that's just appearance and controllable variances.

now, the fact that she made her boyfriend a present that was one of those 4 x 4 grids with one block missing so you have to slide the pieces around and get all the blocks in the right order, but the blocks in order formed her picture and this was a computer program! what chick does that? what chick could even tell you what that was? she's a tomboy because she's not a typical girl.

if she was a typical girl then well she'd not be a tomboy. but i mean she thinks like a tomboy, not to be confused with a guy, but a tomboy

wow all this talk about girls and guys really made me realize that i'm thursty and hungry, i should eat something now

with that said.... i don't know what i have accomplished but i do know that i do like girly tomboys, and i guess this post is to appreciate nancy.

Thursday, April 18, 2002

i can't go on like this

i can't go on like i'm going on.

playing and not working make ameer a tired boy.

btw i hate it when i ask people how they're doing and they say that they're "tired" shit man we're all tired! i wanted to know what's changed about you that i don't know,

but then i give attitude to people who don't give me enough thought to their conversation starter....


today i enjoyed riding a fatty block of ice down a wet grassy hill with people that i harldy know. gotta love that spop group. they're so sweet and sour at the same time, like the perfect additive to an eggroll or something.

what am i blabbering about? who knows..

the integrity of this journal has been slowly depleting and has reached an ultimate all time low rite here on april 18th 1:45am pacific standard time

i used to think about what i could put on this page before, i used to care what people read about/from me... but now i'm a drunken mess that doesn't have rhyme reason or rythm.... can't even spell

i'm outs... but i'll think about this more and hit yall back with a fatty comeback!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2002


learned a lot today...

racketball is pretty fun, and takes more energy than one would think

working out is much more popular than i thought, specially at night

i really have gotten that "senioritis" thing that everyone talks about

and finally i learned that waking up early makes your day so much longer, it's almost worth it


that is all for now...

if i could learn to do things a lot faster then i wouldn't be wishing for more hours in the day!

Monday, April 15, 2002

what to do

so i'm kinda in this place where i don't have much to do... or i don't have much i do.

i took "the cube" test, and it said i had lots of flowers. which stand for commitments. but i don't really have much that i can think of:




my other work

find a job,

learn to spin,

learn html,

learn more computer stuff in general

sit on aim for hours and hours chatting to random people about more random subjects...

that's the extent of what i got to do, feels like i'm swamped every day, but when i look back on my day i didn't do crap with anyone!

-SF will be fun this weekend tho!-

Tuesday, April 9, 2002

my fish died on 4/4/02

my friend amanda named him jagger

he was a a silver arowana like this guy

jagger.. he's gone!!

i came home exhausted last nite and passed out at 9:30pm... at 2:30am i woke to such a stank smell! it was jagger, haunting me for allowing his death to be so publicly mocked. after a manditory viewing of half baked with my roomate "the frain" (specially the part where he goes " well i be from jamacia!.. what part of jamacial, rite near the beach BOYYYEEEEE!!!)

after a few good laughs i was up and cleaning the fishtank, flushed jagger and his putrid smell out of my existence, good riddens you $16.95 asshole

so to answer george it was from 4/4-4/9 that's about a week.. not too bad

but i almost hurled when i dumped him into the toilet

what have i done

i've lost my will to blog.

i've let so many days go by without posting my unimportant thoughts up here that i'm surprised they haven't erased my nonesense from the server!

oh well.. time to redeem myself... or at least update

so there's still a fish dead in my tank, just floating. it's starting to smell up my bedroom and i'm not sure how much longer i can handle it. maybe i should get the fish out of there and take the water out as well?

it's hard to deal with death. it's like getting a very short haircut. you're shocked everytime you look in the mirror because you're so used to seeing yourself with long hair. you even feel different but it's not always 100% apparent why. it takes time to settle and get used to what's going on before life can remain the same ( i just shaved my roomate's head and i'm still getting used to what he looks like with a no.4 guard buzz cut) but this isn't about him it's about my dead smelly fish.

so life in ameer world is not too bad. besides having the longest day of my life yesterday things are good and i'm not sure why/how... but you can't question things like that or else i may just not find anything and realize that i've been feeling a false goodness... and that'd almost devistate me.

so before i disect what it is that i'm feeling good about i'm going to leave this and not worry about the cause.

Friday, April 5, 2002


my fish died today. this morning.

i won't miss him cause i didn't know him.

but i'm sad still cause i would have liked to

momma always said there's more fish in the sea!

Monday, April 1, 2002

it's started!

what started? school !!

yea i'm still in school, and yea it started up again. does that mean that school will intelectually stimulate my neurons into pondering the unanswerable questions of existence once more....

probably not, if anything's getting stimulated it's the fact that spring is coming and so are all the cute outfits that girls like to wear when the sun doesn't hide... i mean that's almost my whole inspiration to going to class (not that my engineering classes have any of those) but walking to them does! -yes if you've deducted that i lead a pathetic life cause i look forward to seeing cute girls on campus in between classes, then you've just passed the "are you a genious" test.

there's more to life than a hot pair of boobs and a short skirt. most people don't know this (male and female) i sometimes don't know this. but more than others i feel that i'm more aware of those things in life that keep us alive till 100+years old.

i mean honestly if sex was the only thing to live for, or the ultimate thing.. who'd want to be old, i mean how good is sex when you're 62? i've never boned a 62 yr old, but then i've also not stuck my hand in a blender. some things you know you just won't enjoy....

*neurons were acting up just now,

so yea... back to more important things, i learned how to post a picture on my blog, i'm stoked about that! i'm going to try to do it again right here:

naked music

that's the latest naked music record that i bought, and well the coolest picture that i could post since i don't have server to upload to yet, high-entropy will soon have a server tho, a good one, the harddrive is down....

so i'm technically boring myself with what i'm writing so i'm going to leave this one kickin and screaming like a falling star