Tuesday, April 9, 2002

my fish died on 4/4/02

my friend amanda named him jagger

he was a a silver arowana like this guy

jagger.. he's gone!!

i came home exhausted last nite and passed out at 9:30pm... at 2:30am i woke to such a stank smell! it was jagger, haunting me for allowing his death to be so publicly mocked. after a manditory viewing of half baked with my roomate "the frain" (specially the part where he goes " well i be from jamacia!.. what part of jamacial, rite near the beach BOYYYEEEEE!!!)

after a few good laughs i was up and cleaning the fishtank, flushed jagger and his putrid smell out of my existence, good riddens you $16.95 asshole

so to answer george it was from 4/4-4/9 that's about a week.. not too bad

but i almost hurled when i dumped him into the toilet


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