Monday, April 29, 2002


so i got jacked today... by guess who?

fuckin microsoft!

so i pirated a copy of win xp and now i'm running that rite.. ok so who buys that kinda stuff these days anyhow... that's not the point. point is that i went and purchased with 25 of my own dollars the stupid fish screen saver rite.... yea so what big deal i bought a 25 dollar screensaver... it's been done before ...

BUT they only give you three of the fish... and the fucking shit head fuck fucks want you to pay 21.95 more to get all 15 fish!!!

iv'e been cursed with a love for fish i swear!

such a sucka. it's just wrong, wrong wrong wrong.

now that i've shown exactly HOW inteligent i really am, i'm going to look at my fish-screensaver...



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