Wednesday, May 16, 2007



there's something about being home that just makes you feel great.

in san diego we call that something a california burrito.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

for those that know

for those that know, someone sent me this and i just died laughing.

a blogger

a blogger

i was walking with my dad in costco and one of the ladies who passes out free samples (i believe she was passing out salsa) saw my shirt and said "oh, so that's what a blogger looks like!" (i was wearing the brown one.)

Monday, May 7, 2007

back to routine

back to routine

it took me quite a long time to find my groove. coffee in the morning, read the gadget blogs and the electronics reviews once i'm settled in at the office. thing about blogworthy topics, blog 1-2times a week. carry a digital camera everywhere and document my adventures. play with photoshop, illustrator, or any other misc computer app. organize/download music from various sources -basically keep up to date with emerging songs and artists. finally i'd finish my days with a netflix movie and a glass of wine.

in oct when i moved from norcal to socal, it all went down the toilet.

no coffee.
no blog reading.
no blog writing.
no picture taking.
no photoshopping.
no music listening.
no netflix.
no wine.

what did i do with all my time? replace every single category listed above and replace with this answer: worked.

i've just worked and worked slept then worked smore. for this blog writer, that lifestyle is simply unacceptable. so i'm taking back what i once had. the blog must go on

getting back into the routine is not easy, it's 'work'. but i'm ready to take back my life of netflix, wine, blogging, and music.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

fishing & life?


i think i've learned more about life from fishing than from anything else. the regular person may think that fishing is nothing but sitting around putting dirty worms on hooks, it's not.

fishing requires hard work. fish don't bite at noon, they eat early. if the fish start eating at 6am, that means you need to be out of bed around 430am to prepare. but fishing has taught me that waking up early pays off. waking up early is hard work, probably some of the hardest work i've ever done, but hard work pay off.

fishing requires patience, you have to wait in order to get what you want (that big fish). i used to hate waiting for fish to bite, i had no patience. until i learned to enjoy the wait. i learned to love the time between the cast out and the fish bite. that's the time where i just hang out, normally admire the water and the horizon.

fishing taught me more than the simple lessons of patience and hard work. it taught me "about life". years and years of living have taught me what fishing taught me the first time out. at any moment one event can completely change everything. you always have to be poised, and ready to endure the monotony for the long run. yet at any moment... one bite could change everything.

adrenalin dumps into your bloodstream the moment a fish nibbles at the end of your line. there have been days where i'm almost too tired to stand, many hrs with not one bite to show for. then bam! a bite. my energy is back, i'm set to fish for hours longer. in a split second my whole attitude, energy, and mentality changed. it was just a small bite on the end of my line, what would appear to be an insignificant event, however it completely changed everything.

everyday i wake up, toss my line out, and see what's going to happen. most days i catch exactly what i'm fishing for. there are a few days where nothing bites. and then the days you remember forever. when the big one hits.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

joining in

hyperwest has decided to start blogging everything and anything. i, in turn have decided to 1/2assedly do something similar.

my old useless [so i thought] casio 1.3 megapixel camera now travels with me anywhere and everywhere in order for me to at least capture everything and anything.

perhaps after i've ingrained the habit of carrying a camera and shooting everything. i'll then form a habit of blogging it all!

more to come [let's hope]!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

back from the past

the longer i take to blog, the harder it is to actually pump a blog out. with that in mind, i decided to simply spit text out... exercise the ol' muscle and get the fingers typing.

i've gone from 8 hr days in windy/cold downtown streets to 14hr days in hot and dry suburbia.

i've gone from float to consolidation.

i've gone from futon to ortho temperpedic

and most importantly i've gone from adidas to adicolor!