Sunday, February 26, 2006



i’ve decided after years and years, that i do not like the olympics. how can one not like the olympics you ask? i feel that the olympics are childish, outdated, and most of all –not-entertaining.

childish you say? how can “the games” be childish? the top of the top, best of the best, competing for the world title: a gold metal, (yea i said childish). i grew out of footraces, distance throwing, and racing downhill in sleds while i was still in grade school. 5th graders these days are busy talking about psp games, or if who of their friends has a real playboy magazine. ice skating races, please.

there are some competitions that are not so simple, say hockey, or snow boarding. i’ve seen professional hockey, and snowboarding videos galore. the pros are super good at this stuff, but the olympic contenders aren’t pros. they suck in comparison! olympic contenders are the best amateurs at what they do. who wants to watch the best mediocre athletes? not i said the anti olympic tv viewer, not i.

events like the downhill skiing competition are interesting, for the first run. but after you see one run, you’ve seen them all. the camera angles don’t change, the costume colors may, but that’s hardly enough to captivate my adolescent attention span.

granted, the olympics were not always a waste of time. back in ancient greece, i’m sure the olympics were everyone’s year highlight. i figure that now, most of the olympics game spectators sit on their couch watching the games in-between commercials of seinfeld reruns.

but back in days of old, in order to see the games, you had to attend the games. now i’ve never sat thru an entire baseball game viewed on tv, (or an entire inning for that matter). but i love going to baseball games. the crowd, the noise, the hype, it all adds to what would be a very dull experience. strike… strike… ball… etc.

lastly, everyone competing is just as good as the next person. when times of 26.059 and 26.060 decide bronze from silver –it’s time to revamp or add to these events. .001 seconds is more luck than skill in my humble opinion. if downhill skiers had to throw snowballs at targets and dodge moving obstacles, the times would vary a bit and the cream of the cream of the crop would float well above the rest.

i just don’t find myself entertained by sucky snowboarders, footraces, or throwing contests? am i simple that mature? ha!

p.s. reader: just for kicks i’ve added a picture of me and my very first bowtie. god i love old pics.

Friday, February 24, 2006


winsort is a program we use at work... apparently i think it deserves it's own la style subway font.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

the balance

Thursday, February 16, 2006

sloppy work

poppa always told me, "nobody likes to see sloppy work."

Monday, February 13, 2006

she's a brick -house

a house, with a few windows, and tapes. i doodled a house on a hill and this is my mutant second house cousin.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

“if men were born with wives, every man would be a genius”

my friend sonic, he told me this quote the other day. to whom this quote deserves credit, i do not know. google could not provide the answer in less than 30 seconds, and that’s where my search for the rightful owner stopped. regardless it is neither mine nor his.

the more i thought about the quote, the more beautiful it appeared to me.

immediately, the quote: “behind every great man, stands a great woman” came to mind. the quote at the top of this post initially gives off the feel that it’s an ode to women type quote. to most, that’s where it stops. yet when you look deeper into this quote more is revealed

if men were born with wives, they in turn, would not waste precious hours and dollars in the ridiculous pursuit for wife. with ample funds, and time on each man’s hands, he would be able to get to the things that “matter”.

if every man would stop spending time and money on cologne, clothes,, and clubs –they would be at home inventing cures for cancer, 1000-horsepower 200-mile per gallon cars, and of course trees that really did grow money.

the quote has a shiny high-gloss finish that appears to be sweet, and pleasing the female gender from a male perspective. instead it speaks truth the only way men can say truth without getting reprimanded, by masking the real meaning behind a compliment.

men seem to always have, a hobby, sport, idea, or something other than family/women that occupy their time. generally, women don’t have ‘things’. women have clothes, shoes, food, and gossip. these are all things geared towards being mothers and/or finding a husband.

i’m 50/50 on this quote. half of me loves the method with which the person sneaks his message across by depicting his message as a compliment, when it in fact, is hardly that. secondly, i agree with the message. i would have had better grades, worked harder at my job, saved more money, and pursued ventures that remain on the back burner.

what would women be if they were born with husbands? eternally happy? bored? wives!

Friday, February 10, 2006

san fran

i was just mad stoked to be in SF working at a job that had real "meetings" at this point. so i wrote san francisco in caps and double underlined it with red and black with a star to the front signifying importance and enthusiasm. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

house on a slant

all of these doodles came from the same day. perhaps different meetings, different pens, and different inspirations -but the same 24 hr span.

Sunday, February 5, 2006

paso robles

said turned 60

so we all decided to drive to paso robles, dine in a cave, and wear weird shirts that only persians would understand.

Friday, February 3, 2006

red harry 'r' marc

i work with a guy named marc.