Thursday, July 31, 2003

my family

wacky wed.

so today is thrusday. yes good ol thursday.

but first let's talk wed. so wed i get home, after having a hot dog for lunch (which i came home and made) along with my egg sanwich.. i decided that i'm going to start making some food for myself and then just heat it up when i get home for lunch. so i got home from work, and made another hot dog. =(

THAT'S when i said to myself this is too much. and went to the grocery store... $100.00 later, i have food at my appt. i've never spent so much $$ at the grocery store, it's usually like <$50.00 i mean, damn.. i doubled my most expencive grocerystore run! and well i dunno if you know but i'm not really "in the money" i'm actually constantly running on empty. which allows for a good transistion into my next wed event...

so luis called me while i was grocery shopping and he's like, so man, you wanna move in with us, then you gotta move in sept. cause that's when we can do it. *think to myself, that's only 3 months into my 6 mo lease* you'll prolly lose your deposit, how much was it? $400.00 BUT in the 3 months of paying $300.00-$400.00 dollars less you may be able make up that 400 dollar deposit in the first month! (current rent = 895, possible future rent = 500-600) so that's a good thing, bad thing is that i'm moving AGAIN!

let's count.

lived in costa mesa for 2 yrs, you helped me move down in the summer to hong's(such a sweet girl)

3mo later, i moved back up to the 4 girls and me

3mo later i moved BACK to hongs

3mo later i moved to lakewood with my cousin

3mo later i moved into my appt.

2mo later i'm about to move in a month, see a pattern, i'm a nomad, a gypsy, a wanderer, a man with no home. (i do have an extensive collection of addresses and house keys) hopefully i will rest my feet for more than 3 months after this 5th time of staying put for only 3 months.

so onto today. i am seeing elisa today.... somehow, somehow she initially said she'd go to my bday thing at that club, where hong and babbs went to. then she didn't show up. later on she said she'd take me out to eat for my bday, cause she missed it. NOW it's today we're meeting up and she's like: you can take me out cause my birthday! (which is aug 7th) and cause she's leaving.... how did me getting taken out to dinner totally get switched into me taking her out to dinner, and she wants to go to sushi in west hollywood.

so this is where i complain to you... i don't like that.

actually i really feel good about doing the 100.00 grocerys, i've been doing 10 pushups a day for the past three days. i'm going to do 10 pushups for 7days then 15 for 7days and then 20 for 7days then 25 for 7days... and etc.. i think that'll be kinda cool... then situps 20 then 30 then 40... so we'll see how long i can keep it up. cause i figured baby steps and this is WAY baby steps... also eat REALLY slow. like MAD slow, chew the heck outta my food. it's embarrasing to scarf down your food and everyone's just enjoying it, i feel so primal and unmannered - like how i make up words.

so yea, that's wed. and thurs... expect to hear about the elisa encounter tomorrow. have a nice day! bye!


Wednesday, July 30, 2003

on a weird thought, i realized that i'm really happy being the guy who's NOT dating courtney cox.

on a random discussion about how i'm chandler and i'm out living in tulsa, smoking, while all my "friends" are back in NY doing nothing everyday all day except fun stuff. only exception is that i'm NOT dating courtney cox. then like in an afterschool special i daydreamed about actually being the random nobody to actually date courtney cox. getting publicity and getting tabloids... wowing my co-workers, friends and family, bringing her to mom and dad and completely showing off that a nobody like me can bring home a rich famous pretty girl like such. then i realized that i'd be forever known as the guy who dated courtney cox. like how some people meet girls and start dating them yet they never introduce them to you, or very rarely bring them around, so they are deemed _____'s girlfriend. only i'd be this on a HUGE scale. this would really bring down my value as an undiscovered hot guy (self proclaimed of course) i'd be a used for a bit hot guy (cause how the hell could i date and then go onto marry courtney cox?) so as it is, being a nobody keeps my stock up, keeps me the man i am today. dating courtney cox is a quick up and then an infinite down...

unless i move on to jennifer?
morning email to nancy


went to the macaroni grill for dinner. and i know you've done this before everyone has. where you order something in hopes that it's a bit more volume than quality. then when the food comes it's like a wanna be top knotch restraunt platter (translation: no food, and not that hot of quality) so yea that happened to me. i got the italian equivalent of 3 mini chicken quesedillas. i'm sorta trying to cut back the amt of food i eat by regulating how fast i eat and this was a very helpful meal to that goal. BUT i think it should have cost me 3.99 not 9.99.... i suffered as i saw the other people at the table (there were about 20 it was my friend's bday) take home leftovers or complain about how much food they had. i on the other hand, was painstakingly trying to eat as slow as possible and talk as much as possible. i still had my plate looking brand spanking new by the time people were just about half way done with their food.

am i bitter? temporarily. what will i do about it? gotta start asking more questions. i ordered what i ordered in hopes that it was what i had previously ordered on a different visit to the grill. because i was most satisfied then.

and i still spent 20.00 on drinks... drinks will be the death of me, they will be the death, but how can i hit up a 21yr bday party and not buy the bday girl a drink? that's a mortal sin in my book, and i don't have such a big book to begin with.

how was your tuesday?

Sunday, July 27, 2003

new ideas

talking to my compadre luis about my site. and how i can expand it, cause frankly i think it's boring. i'm not boring, and i look at other people's sites and they seem like people i want to know. but then i read about them and they're boring. then i search a bit more and see a horifyingly boring site which is produced by someone (after reading this i find out) is very intresting, but the site content, besides the text, is boring!

i'd like to say i'm an intresting person, i have a skewed view of the world, i don't floss regularly, i'll eat anything, my friends are mongrils and antipop-christian haters (maybe not christian haters) sure i have a PDA, and i work as a metallurgist with a company that's 95% nerdy males, but i didn't say cool, or hip, or people want to be me, i said intresting... like people should ponder what's going on in my head, but more times than none they'd be wrong since i'm so rambunctious.

then reality hit.

(note: my comments are not registering that i have comments... so even tho it's a ::comments :: [0] it actually could be 1 or 2 !! whoo hoo, so click to find out the truth!)

yea i'm not cool. but then yea i'm not intresting either! and i have a dull page! a full on triple threat! a turkey! XXX - hardcore! the all time low rock bottom point is now. i've touched it.

then i realized that i'm wrong. everyone is intresting, if they are presented in the right way. i just spit that out and luis said "that's an intresting way of looking at things" but then i thought more about it and i thought yea, that is kinda right. everyone has something intresting about them and if they don't then the unintresting parts can be portrayed as intresting, but it's the delivery, the layout of the story.. the whole presentation has to be right. some people just are so intresting that they don't need a great presentation, i wish i was part of that category, i am not. i need good presentation.... my layout is boring, i know, it's simple and it's green, not to be confused with simple green (all natural cleaner) but that's me, simple and green although i'm more of the horny green than the envy green, i suppose.

so it's content. i need to present content. WIP on that one (work in progress). someday someday i will have another part to and it'll be more neato burrito than you thought possible.

went to get sixteen candles on DVD, it's non existant, what is that?? that's like a staple movie in american youth culture! this movie should be shown in schools across the nation. ok so i did some research just now, and well looks like it's release date is 9/2/2003 man i sound like a 15yo girl.... MAYBE I AM, and that's the intresting thing about me...

well that's life, and life is that.

Saturday, July 19, 2003

download this it may only take 2 mins, but it will give you a lifetime of pleasure, for everyone who ever went to a school basketball game! no honestly hong gave me this and it's the FUNNIEST thing. what are the chances?

Thursday, July 17, 2003

dreams come true

wanna hear a sappy story? well then read aloud:

i graduated in dec. and spent 2 miserable unemployed months at "hotel pan" which i later deemed to be "the black hole" cause it sucked me down. kept me there too.

there were only a few things that brought me out of the black hole writing songs with daves was one of them. i longed to have an appt of my own somewhere in west LA (where it's just cool to be) making money having a job, being independant, not worrying about someone's parent's rules about alcohaul in the house or peeking in my bedroom at 7am on a saturday morning to see if i had a girl sleep over or not. writing songs was fun, but didn't pay for my car payment or my electricity bill. and i know wasn't going to take care of my student loan. i got a call one day, and it was for an interview. yadda yadda yadda here i am yesterday, after a sh*tty day at work i came home and good ol daves was there with some MGD in a can and a new song he had just composed. he said, all i need now is lyrics! as we sat and drank and talked and sang i realized that i'm living my 6-7 month old dream.

my own appartment, no black hole pulling me down. i'm still somewhat broke and i'm still far from eternal happyness, but damn i'm in a much better place than i was 7 months ago. in a happier place.

i also just got word that my nextel contract is up, so i'm moving on to another company, cause nexel's $90/month payment is just not what i would like to spend my money on. suggestions? cingular? verison? t-mobile? (catherine!!) at&t?

i love getting new phones, i also love changing my phone number, it filters out the mess. and those who i call on a reg basis will get my new no. in a day or so... so many people hold on to their phone numbers, as if people memorize them or even remember what area code that they're in. i know two phone numbers, mom's and mine. mom's cause i gotta call my mom. and mine cause then i can give it out to all the ladies who ask for it (NOTE: none have so far but soon i expect tons)

thus concludes the life of ameer navidi, he lived a wonderful prosperous life and yes his pants were tight and his shoes were light.

Tuesday, July 8, 2003

the famous me

so ever since middle school ( i know that cause that's when color me badd was so 'oh my gosh!') people have said i look like someone famous. not like i would be famous, but like i was a look-a-like for some already famous person.

in chronological order.. you decide:

"the dude in color me badd... iiiii wannna sex you UP!"

"jon b"

"the dude from clueless, you know the stoner... oh and road trip"

"robert de niro... when he was younger"

"luke wilson, the tennis player in royal tenenbaums"

"juan pablo montoya, the racecar driver..."

who does this? i have no idea.. this is what people have told me over the years. i just now thought about telling the whole world it back.

-i just recalled that there was this guy i knew, still know but haven't spoken to in years... he used to work for chuck e cheese's... and he said that they're trying to make chuck e like mickey mouse. who does this?

lastly, i went grocery shopping sunday night. and holy mack my moly, EVERYONE was there. thank god that ralphs has tv's to watch while you sit for 20 mins in line while the little girl in front of me holds the cart in line while her mom and aunt? go grab everything and put it into the cart. thank god for two way text messaging.

i've lost everything philosophical to say today. i'm getting carpel tunnel in my right hand, i need to be away from computers for a week, or just not type and use a mouse for that long, to heal my precious tendands! even with my ergo keyboard!

man i'm a baby!

Sunday, July 6, 2003


peep the comments =) when you hit them up push f5 a few times too!

Tuesday, July 1, 2003

Dedicated to the White Collar Workers

in consideration of the white collar workers (people who sit in front of computers all day) i have changed the animated cartoon jubblies in my comment section.

the reason i dedicate this to you is because i am aware that you read my blog, yet are restrained from enjoying the external comments and contributing to fun and exciting comments yourself.

so it's official. i've changed it, the bouncing anime boobies are gone, and i have replaced it with a surprise photo of who else? me. i shoulda found something else, but i can do that later on when i learn some more java, or fireworks studio, or am just bored at home like i was last night.