Sunday, July 27, 2003

new ideas

talking to my compadre luis about my site. and how i can expand it, cause frankly i think it's boring. i'm not boring, and i look at other people's sites and they seem like people i want to know. but then i read about them and they're boring. then i search a bit more and see a horifyingly boring site which is produced by someone (after reading this i find out) is very intresting, but the site content, besides the text, is boring!

i'd like to say i'm an intresting person, i have a skewed view of the world, i don't floss regularly, i'll eat anything, my friends are mongrils and antipop-christian haters (maybe not christian haters) sure i have a PDA, and i work as a metallurgist with a company that's 95% nerdy males, but i didn't say cool, or hip, or people want to be me, i said intresting... like people should ponder what's going on in my head, but more times than none they'd be wrong since i'm so rambunctious.

then reality hit.

(note: my comments are not registering that i have comments... so even tho it's a ::comments :: [0] it actually could be 1 or 2 !! whoo hoo, so click to find out the truth!)

yea i'm not cool. but then yea i'm not intresting either! and i have a dull page! a full on triple threat! a turkey! XXX - hardcore! the all time low rock bottom point is now. i've touched it.

then i realized that i'm wrong. everyone is intresting, if they are presented in the right way. i just spit that out and luis said "that's an intresting way of looking at things" but then i thought more about it and i thought yea, that is kinda right. everyone has something intresting about them and if they don't then the unintresting parts can be portrayed as intresting, but it's the delivery, the layout of the story.. the whole presentation has to be right. some people just are so intresting that they don't need a great presentation, i wish i was part of that category, i am not. i need good presentation.... my layout is boring, i know, it's simple and it's green, not to be confused with simple green (all natural cleaner) but that's me, simple and green although i'm more of the horny green than the envy green, i suppose.

so it's content. i need to present content. WIP on that one (work in progress). someday someday i will have another part to and it'll be more neato burrito than you thought possible.

went to get sixteen candles on DVD, it's non existant, what is that?? that's like a staple movie in american youth culture! this movie should be shown in schools across the nation. ok so i did some research just now, and well looks like it's release date is 9/2/2003 man i sound like a 15yo girl.... MAYBE I AM, and that's the intresting thing about me...

well that's life, and life is that.


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