Tuesday, July 8, 2003

the famous me

so ever since middle school ( i know that cause that's when color me badd was so 'oh my gosh!') people have said i look like someone famous. not like i would be famous, but like i was a look-a-like for some already famous person.

in chronological order.. you decide:

"the dude in color me badd... iiiii wannna sex you UP!"

"jon b"

"the dude from clueless, you know the stoner... oh and road trip"

"robert de niro... when he was younger"

"luke wilson, the tennis player in royal tenenbaums"

"juan pablo montoya, the racecar driver..."

who does this? i have no idea.. this is what people have told me over the years. i just now thought about telling the whole world it back.

-i just recalled that there was this guy i knew, still know but haven't spoken to in years... he used to work for chuck e cheese's... and he said that they're trying to make chuck e like mickey mouse. who does this?

lastly, i went grocery shopping sunday night. and holy mack my moly, EVERYONE was there. thank god that ralphs has tv's to watch while you sit for 20 mins in line while the little girl in front of me holds the cart in line while her mom and aunt? go grab everything and put it into the cart. thank god for two way text messaging.

i've lost everything philosophical to say today. i'm getting carpel tunnel in my right hand, i need to be away from computers for a week, or just not type and use a mouse for that long, to heal my precious tendands! even with my ergo keyboard!

man i'm a baby!


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