Thursday, February 26, 2009


the tamayo's taught me how to make awesome adobo when i was last in seattle. adobo is a staple (not sure about that?) in philipino cuisine. it's chicken, pork, or both with sauce over rice.

since thanksgiving i've been on a bit of a pot cooking spree. no, not pot the plant, pot as in my 8 quart stainless steel pot cooking spree. it all started with turkey soup. after tasting the sweet taste of a meal cooked by me, with little to no effort -which was easily package-able and ready for work-lunch containers, i was hooked. i compiled a list of pot cooking meals and included adobo on that list.

an onion, garlic, some pork, and some chicken.

soy sauce, vinegar, and a few bay leaves. start those onions!

then toss in the meat. and after the meat has cooked up a bit, add the soy sauce and vinegar. the ratio of soy sauce to vinegar is the secret here. which i won't say, as it is a secret.

make some rice, and let it all simmer for a good hour or so.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

R32 drive

it's always a mini g2g (get 2-gether) with me and snacks! we took the first drive together with dual flappers open! it was harmony!

Monday, February 2, 2009

superbowl sunday drinks

steelers combo:
fresh squeezed lemon juice
ice cubes
chilled shot of jager

cardinals combo:
cranberry juice
ice cubes
.25oz of godiva liquor
.75oz of vodka
served chilled