Saturday, June 29, 2002

the fuel of the world

was just totally erased because i hit the escape button while highlighting this "edit your blog window" i am an ass.

i'll write it over later... cause now i'm just not up to it....

Thursday, June 27, 2002

boring blogs

sometimes i feel that blogs are only for me. like i have a bunch of writers that write daily about the important or intresting aspects of their lives. and i get upset when i read crappy material. i mean i love food, but i don't want to read a paragraph about what someone ate for lunch!!!

then i got to thinking.

i don't have a bunch of writers that write daily about the important or intresting aspects of their lives. i have a little ring of friends that share their lives with me publicly on the internet. i should actually enjoy the posts that i read, not for the entertainment that it brings me, but for the content that is being shared with me.

some people have commented to me the they could never write about themselves like this on the internet. they're afraid of stalkers and identity theft. or maybe they are afraid that they're lives are way too boring or that their writing style is so poor that they'll not impress anyone or give off a worse impression of themselves than they belive that they currently give off.

but the underliying point is that i'm sick of boring blogs. and i'm not helping the situation one bit with this crappy entry. i guess i'm not a humanitarian when it comes to blog entries. damn the system and damn the critics of the system!!! (that includes me)

*i think all this frustration yeilds from not having my turntables set up yet....

no but really, for me to get upset at the quality of blogs must mean that there's an inner source of frustration.... is it the fact that my turntables are all packed up, i don't really think so, i think that i use them to release frustration thus i must be frustrated! living in san diego is difficlut at times. i feel a bit lonely and rushed. so i find myself packing my weekends full of stuff to do while i'm up at irvine. but there's reasons that i'd want to stay here instead. it's complicated and i can't simplify it, but basically those are the important and intresting aspects of my life that are publicly displayed.

sorry for not writing for you.

Monday, June 24, 2002

the REAL world

today i entered the real world yet again. the real world of solar turbines that is. what an endeavor. after sitting through about 5hrs of 70's videos and filling out forms regarding fire extinguishers i was told that i didn't have to go to orientation. yay! information i would have liked to know a bit sooner. either way, it worked out well. my computer at work is a god damn monster!!! it's a brand new dell, all black... pentium xeon workstation... doesn't come with the dual 17" LCD's tho, it's just a flatscreen CRT trinitron display 21"... i can deal with it. =)

anyhow, the subject material that i work on is probably code red, the hightest level of security that solar turbines has. so i can't talk about what it is exactly that i do, but if i could, boy would this page get mad hits!! (all sarcastic lies)

for reals tho, my first day went better than expected, i think i may just enjoy this summer a bit more than i expected as well... things are looking good. knock on my desk, cause well it's wood of course.

Friday, June 21, 2002

so this is it

i'm gettin a move on. the waterbed has been drained, i only got one mouthful of water trying to siphen out the 500+ gallons i had been sleeping on illegaly set on the second story of our mediocre costa mesa townhouse.

i'm currently sitting on my floor with my laptop on my lap *go figure* an empty bedframe, and random shit scattered about... not to mention the 10 gal fish tank is also up.. which i told james i'd post a pic of but since the link is packed i won't be able to do for another week or so.

on to more intresting points and aspects of my life and mind:

watching two girls make out is fun. -but it's only fun in small doses. it's like the creme brulet after a large gormet meal. eating an entire meal of chocolate mouse just doesn't do it for me. a taste once in a while is good tho. actually it's more like watching all of the above on the food network and not getting to actually eat it....

the past few days i've been dreading, and when they came i was scared to take them on. moving out really wasn't something i wanted to do. san diego isn't somewhere i want to be. and wed was the day that i had to actually go through with the reality of what i had been imagining. wed was an awesome day. thursday i didn't want to leave. hangin with hong and vic was awesome. duy too.. love that fool

eating dinner with mom and dad, seeing my sister. there's more in SD for me than i thought. it's just so hard to change. it's inevitable, and people still fight the inevitable. maybe because change requires a bit more work than one would like to put in... i never want to put in work.

i'd rather just sit and watch the food network!

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

some pics!

here's my car!

picked it up on monday, kinda like a grad present, but i have to pay for it.. i'm happy with it, it's a 94 prelude and it's stickshift! for that sporty guy in me...

on to other topics i got burned:

don't ask how i can't tell, it's top secret, just know that it happened

so that's what's going on in my picture life, as far as other things are concerned, well i'm not too sure what to make of it... over a pitcher of new castle i discussed with a friend about living situations. i'm sad that i have to move out of what's prolly the best living situation that i've been in. we have an understanding, most people think we live in a damn pig sty, but that's another picture post in the future.

it's like brothers that hang out.

not many do, families and friends usually aren't the same people... this kinda goes for roomates too. at least my roomates. most roomates don't go chill together, or stay home together and just hang out. same with families, most brothers and sisters have their own stuff to do when they get free time, instead of wanting to hang out with eachother.

where i'm at now, it's like that, it's fam & friends. i'm gonna miss 70A...

BUT i'm looking forward to being in san diego living with honk and working at solar turbines.

everyone who's ever been to a concert knows that bands always leave you wanting more, cause that feeling of not wanting anymore and wanting to leave is much worse, and leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. so it's good. i'm leaving wanting more...

Sunday, June 16, 2002


i walked, i finished, i have a quarter left..=(

the feeling of being done with uci almost caught me until i realized that i still have to come back for three more classes which will finalize my education at the university of california irvine.. whoopie

it's weird.

personally all i could think about was the car i'm pickin up on monday, but that's a different story all together

Saturday, June 15, 2002


blog blog blog, i've been workin on my blog, finally got it to the site url that i wanted, got the archives to work, got the fonts the right size shape color form...

but all this work and shit i haven't updated anything...

recent "ameer's life" update:

tomorrow, at 9am 6/15 i walk. (graduation style)

monday i pick up the dark blue 94 prelude that i test drove on thursday whooopie!

wed i move all my ish from costa mesa to good ol RB..

sometime in the week i'll spend my 50.00 gift certificate at higher source records... been itchin to do that!

went to the LTD KE thingy last nite, had fun, and a few drinks.. too many

so what have i been thinking about, now that what i've done is out of the way... hmm... thinking eh. been thinking about moving, transitioning... will i get chicks with my new job, new location, new *used car...

or will i be in a rut, sittin at home wondering what the hell to type in this box...

will i adapt to working in downtown san diego?

will i make friends with the other solar turbines interns? will there be any?

wonder how tomorrow will go? graduating and all.. seems kinda weird to graduate with three classes left you know. even if they are all upper div engineering hardcore style classes.. i still need em.

anyhow, graduation tomorrow is gonna be kinda fun, pics will be posted... stay tuned same bat channel and all that old school sayings and shinanagans

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

making progress

so i'm making mad progress here.. check this sh*t out.. i've got a new home

-same ol ameer

-brand new home!! (the sever with the gleaming white LED)

brought to you by this guy who likes to do THIS on friday nights....

FYI that's our household and yes it does look like that on a daily basis, it's the ultimate batchelor pad what can we say? nothing! we'll FTP it to big red then post it for yall to see cause we're just that nerdy!

so since the old url will never be updated again, don't go to it... go to this:

it's the new home for old ameer...

ok more to come soon we'll hope! after finals week is over tho...

Sunday, June 9, 2002

do you want some cheese with your wine?

70A showed up for the occasion...
how old are you?
sex and money

people who have money, spend it.

people who don't have money dream about it.

these basic principles are the foundation mentality of the human being.

think of sex appeal, or good looks, or the ability to attract the opposite (or same if your preference be) sex as money. people who have it, spend it. people who don't dream about getting some someday. the point being: i see many girls who just can't not have a boyfriend... they've honestly got a "take a number" booth going and well we wonder why?

simplify: they've got a lot of sex appeal and damnit they're spending it cause they got it.

now then, another question is about love, where does that fit in? love is like happyness. many people who are rich wouldn't say that they're happy. just as many people who are desireable aren't in love.

the parallel is a bit abstract and the way i convey it is translucent, and my spelling is shit. but after wondering how someone could just go from lover to lover boggled my mind. if i were to do the same i'd be an emotional wreck! but these people have been rich in sex appeal they're whole life, and want it or not they've had the "take a number" line forming whether the like it or not. so they've grown up this way learned this style of life and will lead it this way.

watching how rediculous people with money spend their money is the same as watching attractive people break hearts and work their way into everyone's bed. they're looking for something better than the next, as people with money look for the same. problem is that there's always gonna be something that you can buy that'll be more expencive and better quality, but as far as finding people.. that's where the flaw is and that's the catch.

when you buy something that object is 100% yours and you decide it's fate. when you have a partner, they decide their fate, they're not yours even if they tell you that they are, they may change their mind. there's more variables in this scenario and that's why it's hidden... there's too many variables that people believe it to be random, when in fact it's not.

but what am i talking about... girls who look good will always have guys that want them. most girls will take the guys and when one gets boring, they'll change to the next. guys the same. but i think that anyone who spends their money on the same thing bores me. it's just too bad that there's not enough people (who live in my small irvine bubble) that have money *sex appeal* yet chose to hold on to it instead of spending it on every one that takes a number.

Tuesday, June 4, 2002

blog community

is it me or has my complete blog community slowly died down to the almost nothing state?

it's a poor shame, poor poor shame.

not only am i at a loss for words in this blank screen, but my inspirations are all reruns, blogs i've read before and topics discussed before.

they say it gets bad before it gets better, i'm planning on a really good comeback!

Monday, June 3, 2002

i never want to speak to you again

i can't get over it,

i'm a fuckin clown. i can't take anything seriously.

i always gotta make a joke, be the clown.

there's a time to be serious and a time to play.

i have problems knowing this, i feel like i play all day

even when i shouldn't.

so what do you say/do when a friend needs comforting. when i need comforting i usually just talk to someone and while they're speaking i zone out and don't even listen to them. so should i just ramble on and assume that they're not listening to me? not everyone thinks like me. actually i think most people think opposite of me.

it's hard for me to view problems of others if i don't have those problems.

my friend told me that as long as i support and show that i'm here for problem times then that should be good. and well i think that's all that can be done. but i don't feel satisfied with that...

hmm.. thinking waaaaaaay back to when i had a girl, and girl problems geez, it's hard to remember those repressed harsh feelings, but the only good times i remember having is when i wasn't by myself thinking of all the reasons why i wasn't out with friends or wasn't out being independant and why i was moping and being lazy...

girls.. problems.. take the good with the bad.

it's like playing tennis by yourself all the time then switching to doubles... at first it sucks, but you learn to work as a team and winning is more fun cause you can share it with someone!

*plus it seems like even if you are playing solo, you're against a doubles pair!