Wednesday, June 19, 2002

some pics!

here's my car!

picked it up on monday, kinda like a grad present, but i have to pay for it.. i'm happy with it, it's a 94 prelude and it's stickshift! for that sporty guy in me...

on to other topics i got burned:

don't ask how i can't tell, it's top secret, just know that it happened

so that's what's going on in my picture life, as far as other things are concerned, well i'm not too sure what to make of it... over a pitcher of new castle i discussed with a friend about living situations. i'm sad that i have to move out of what's prolly the best living situation that i've been in. we have an understanding, most people think we live in a damn pig sty, but that's another picture post in the future.

it's like brothers that hang out.

not many do, families and friends usually aren't the same people... this kinda goes for roomates too. at least my roomates. most roomates don't go chill together, or stay home together and just hang out. same with families, most brothers and sisters have their own stuff to do when they get free time, instead of wanting to hang out with eachother.

where i'm at now, it's like that, it's fam & friends. i'm gonna miss 70A...

BUT i'm looking forward to being in san diego living with honk and working at solar turbines.

everyone who's ever been to a concert knows that bands always leave you wanting more, cause that feeling of not wanting anymore and wanting to leave is much worse, and leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. so it's good. i'm leaving wanting more...


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