Monday, June 24, 2002

the REAL world

today i entered the real world yet again. the real world of solar turbines that is. what an endeavor. after sitting through about 5hrs of 70's videos and filling out forms regarding fire extinguishers i was told that i didn't have to go to orientation. yay! information i would have liked to know a bit sooner. either way, it worked out well. my computer at work is a god damn monster!!! it's a brand new dell, all black... pentium xeon workstation... doesn't come with the dual 17" LCD's tho, it's just a flatscreen CRT trinitron display 21"... i can deal with it. =)

anyhow, the subject material that i work on is probably code red, the hightest level of security that solar turbines has. so i can't talk about what it is exactly that i do, but if i could, boy would this page get mad hits!! (all sarcastic lies)

for reals tho, my first day went better than expected, i think i may just enjoy this summer a bit more than i expected as well... things are looking good. knock on my desk, cause well it's wood of course.


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