Saturday, June 15, 2002


blog blog blog, i've been workin on my blog, finally got it to the site url that i wanted, got the archives to work, got the fonts the right size shape color form...

but all this work and shit i haven't updated anything...

recent "ameer's life" update:

tomorrow, at 9am 6/15 i walk. (graduation style)

monday i pick up the dark blue 94 prelude that i test drove on thursday whooopie!

wed i move all my ish from costa mesa to good ol RB..

sometime in the week i'll spend my 50.00 gift certificate at higher source records... been itchin to do that!

went to the LTD KE thingy last nite, had fun, and a few drinks.. too many

so what have i been thinking about, now that what i've done is out of the way... hmm... thinking eh. been thinking about moving, transitioning... will i get chicks with my new job, new location, new *used car...

or will i be in a rut, sittin at home wondering what the hell to type in this box...

will i adapt to working in downtown san diego?

will i make friends with the other solar turbines interns? will there be any?

wonder how tomorrow will go? graduating and all.. seems kinda weird to graduate with three classes left you know. even if they are all upper div engineering hardcore style classes.. i still need em.

anyhow, graduation tomorrow is gonna be kinda fun, pics will be posted... stay tuned same bat channel and all that old school sayings and shinanagans


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