Sunday, July 24, 2005

gift horses

"you don't look a gift horse in the mouth"

i just learned:
looking at a horse's teeth will reveal the horse's age, common knowledge that obviosly isn't so common these horseless days. that's where the saying comes from. all along i was thinking that horses have to eat, thus a free horse means you still have to pay for the horse's food.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Grub Club

my friends in san diego eat at a cheap, fun, large portion restaurant called sushi deli every wednesday. shine or shine, (cause there is no rain in san diego) deli night will happen.

i’ve always been jealous of this reoccurring event. going to eat with friends on weekdays really smoothes out the monotony of a 9-5. so georgette and i decided to start a nor-cal grub club. the founding members: me, george, jon g, gemma, and michelle.

our mission: to eat at a different restaurant each time we meet (biweekly). the location is chosen by one of the members, anyone can attend, and everyone must eat and discuss the cuisine. we rate the restaurant, and take pictures for the blog post. i am the designated scribe, and will document the experience.

grub club #1: burma superstar clement and 4th ave
chooser: georgette
attendants: georgette, me, jon g, gemma, and michelle
best dish: tie between me and michelle (firey chicken and tofu and tower of tofu)
honorable mention: george’s pork curry
geek of the week: gemma with her appetizer
restaurant rating: 7 fingers up (as you can see george and gemma’s pic)
super bonus: ice cream afterwards at toy boat dessert cafe

interesting event: jon g riding the horse

Thursday, July 21, 2005

with a bit of time, an old picture with frame (free), and a cool magazine spread, this is what i do to my walls.

disclaimer: i am not a political blogger nor a terrorist, but i do have something to say about this london incident, so read on only if you want my uneducated opinion of this whole ordeal.

let’s recap the events that took place. london was hit by 4 separate bombs, in the morning during rush hour traffic. every bit of media turned its full attention to the bombings and deaths. administrators around the world reacted to the bombings by beefing up their security measures. and everyone went to sleep safe, sound, and ok.

now i’m going to make some assumptions here base off of what i like to refer to as uncommon sense (aka deductive reasoning). most terrorists don’t have down syndrome. using 4 bombs capable of destroying a bus, strategically placed, that only kills 56 people is more than a hopscotch jump further than pathetic. killing people was not their intention. why then?

again, two weeks later what happens? 4 more bombs are detected, or go off in the same city. london goes up in panic, nobody gets hurt. cnn spends all day showing british leaders examining the incidents. george bush tells the americans that we’re not afraid and that we’re going to tighten up and fight for our freedom.

8 bombs, a few killed, and tons of coverage later, where are “the terrorists” at after all of this?

new york subways have tightened security, they got twice as many security guards manning the subways. from a terrorist perspective, new york just showed us it’s weakness, and plans to guard it. but who’s guarding it? does the government have a huge task force of anti-terrorist subway searchers, or do they have doughnut dunking police men who get paid a boatload to work overtime hours. in my opinion, we just exposed our weakness to the “terrorists” and then proved that we can’t even cover them up.

55 deaths in one day is the equivalent of bill gates losing 55 cents in the wash. an organized, covert terrorist group that now knows the weakest points of the main arteries in most 1st world nations is like me getting bill gate’s bank account.

once again, i’m no political person. i watched cnn for, 2 hours at work, during the first bomb fiasco, and then 30 mins of today’s bombing incident. personally, i don’t think that the way we handled this was the right way. if i knew the right way, then i would most likely be a political person, and try to do something about it. instead i think i’ll just post this blog and drink my coffee.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

know where i'm comin from

i was playing with a friend's camera, and it had this feature that takes panoramic photos. well, how could i resist? snap snap snap. before you know it, i'm sharing the experience with all. geeking out is fun stuff, i don't care what mtv says. (click on the pic to see my entire desk.)

Thursday, July 14, 2005

a week or two ago georgette calls me. she's having itunes technical difficulties. her library is > 4GB thanks to music donations of jon and jon g. her issue is with itunes and her ipod. the ipod can only store 4GB of songs, and the music library on her comptuer is now much larger than that. in this case itunes was designed to pick songs for you, and load the ipod to capacity. she was unsatisfied with the selection itunes had given her. "how do i change it ameer!"

i'm a firm believer in the phrase "give a man a fish, feed him for a day. teach hong to fish, feed your ego for life". taking the easy way out, (just telling her the step by step instructions to turn off the autosync fxn) would have resulted in more service phone calls down the line, hence more tech support for our hero.

i learned her all about playlist syncing, manual updating, ejecting the ipod, managing playlists, drag and drop, sorting, searching, and all the other phenominal features of itunes.

after 20 minutes or so, i had her saying "oh wow, i kinda like this, it's actually pretty easy!"

that's when i told her, and she finally understood: "yea it is hu? now just imagine, every program on your computer working just like this. that's how macs are."

her response, "OH MAAAAAANNN!!! i just bought this compaq~!"

i sat back in my chair and smiled. i love my mac, don't you?

Monday, July 11, 2005

Typed Voice

I’m new to the literary world. In fact I’m a newborn to this place. I’ve been learning more and more each day that passes. A concept that I’ve noticed lately is the writer’s “voice”. This term voice is an interesting concept to me. The word voice gives me a mental picture of something auditory. I don’t read a voice, I hear it. Maybe I’m not using my imagination as much as I should be. When I read something, I hear a voice in my head say the words. Sometimes the words are being read in a big 300lb man deep voice, and other times by a skinny geek with glasses. I suppose that’s the voice that we are talking about.

This makes me wonder, what is my voice? I read certain blogs that have no pictures of the writer. My intuition to put a gender, age, build, and even hair color to the person writing is instinctual. The person who blogs with sentences such as “then we just like, told them I don’t think so. Cause, like, we don’t even like her and her friends”, is automatically 15 years old and female in my mind.

Some people write the words that they speak. Others write as if they have a dictionary and thesaurus holster on their belt. These authors create a certain feel. Reading their work creates a detailed picture and essence of the person.

I wonder what I look like to other people. I have a voice as a writer, and as I reread this I see/hear myself. But all the voices in your head always sound different to someone else.

I wonder how I sound to the reader? What physical characteristics would I conjure up inside the brains of others?