Friday, July 22, 2005

Grub Club

my friends in san diego eat at a cheap, fun, large portion restaurant called sushi deli every wednesday. shine or shine, (cause there is no rain in san diego) deli night will happen.

i’ve always been jealous of this reoccurring event. going to eat with friends on weekdays really smoothes out the monotony of a 9-5. so georgette and i decided to start a nor-cal grub club. the founding members: me, george, jon g, gemma, and michelle.

our mission: to eat at a different restaurant each time we meet (biweekly). the location is chosen by one of the members, anyone can attend, and everyone must eat and discuss the cuisine. we rate the restaurant, and take pictures for the blog post. i am the designated scribe, and will document the experience.

grub club #1: burma superstar clement and 4th ave
chooser: georgette
attendants: georgette, me, jon g, gemma, and michelle
best dish: tie between me and michelle (firey chicken and tofu and tower of tofu)
honorable mention: george’s pork curry
geek of the week: gemma with her appetizer
restaurant rating: 7 fingers up (as you can see george and gemma’s pic)
super bonus: ice cream afterwards at toy boat dessert cafe

interesting event: jon g riding the horse


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