Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the fast food of blogging

mobile-blogging is the fast food of blogging.

(queue the old grand pappy voice) i remember back when creating one blog post took hours of effort, knowledge of html code and how to work your way around an ftp. not only was much effort exuded in the creation of posts, but also the receiving of posts. one blog post spawned comments to be made, conversations sparked, and email chains born. this type of blogging was that good home cooked meal.

but it seems like fast food chains are popping up everywhere, and people just don't have the time to prepare and cook an old fashioned blog post anymore. people get their fill at places like twitter, tumblr, loopt, moblogs, etc.

a blog can take 3 seconds to create/post, and less than that to view. the stream of constant mini blog has made us fat. when you get fat, you get lazy, and when you get lazy quality goes down. that's where we're at today. fat, lazy, and poor quality.

with the constant stream of blogging from any place at any time, it's inevitable that the complex [insert sarcastic face] theory of more stuff eventually leaves you with just more junk.

granted i do take part in the fast food of blogging from time to time, even mcdonald's isn't bad for you if enjoyed in moderation, i have in no way substituted this fast food for a good ol' home cooked meal. and i make that my vow, to continue cooking homemade meals for the internet to enjoy.