Friday, April 29, 2005

i’m just everybody

everyone on or has a dj profile pic. if they’re not a dj then they are a lead singer or a guitarist. being involved in music gets the girls.

speaking about the girls, if i was a girl i’d have a studio pic or 12 of me for my myspace/ friendster/ orkut/ iprocrastinate/ etc profile pic.

while mixing i usually look at my reflection in the record and think, this would be a cool picture. so the other day i went and captured the moment. i must say i haven’t seen this done before although i’m sure it has been.

i feel like it’s 1998 and i just got a pair of those nike air jordan’s that everyone had 4 years before me. i’m late but i’m comin up.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

roomates and 26 years

one sentence, perfect timing, perfect tone, makes living with roommmates that more enjoyable.

"damn, french laundry and shit" -ka'le

my onions-mushrooms-hotdogs with pepper over rice.

i'm turning 26 tomorrow. tonight's agenda:
"celebrating" with a few friends at the element lounge. my bday wish is to flash back one year ago, and do my #25 birthday party all over.

let's reminisce:

-beautiful san diego weather
-persian food feast with my family and friends,
-hundred dollar bottle of scotch,
-live musical performers
-drunk parents
-bar hopping in gaslamp ($400.00 worth)
-friends travelled hours for the event
-and to top it off, the night prior was spent in la hopping venues with a different handfull of friends.

this year is different, a few corny cards in the mail compliments of the most important girls in my life have kept me in high spirits.

twenty six is here and i'm ready for it. i'll be eating/cooking french laundry style more often now that i'm approaching my late twenties.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

26 times

i was asked "how old are you" yesterday. i answered "26". twenty six was a farce, i'm still 25... for 4 more days.

i want my birthday to pass undetected this year. better yet, post pone my bday for 6 months or so. i feel that celebrating after all of my time-wasting and procrastination just won't taste as sweet.

i also saw a man holding a cardboard sign that said "today is my 30th birthday and i'm homeless. please help." i didn't help him because at the rate i'm going... i will be him in 4 years.

there's only one thing to do in a situation like this: take a self portrait!!

Friday, April 8, 2005

the great vodka experiment: (click on picture)

Thursday, April 7, 2005

SPAM is the fruit of the GODS!
The fruit of the GODS I say! You’re not listening to me. yes SPAM, the fruit of the GODS.

Give me 3 things and I’m happy forever. SPAM, rice, and cock sauce (aka sriracha hot chili sauce)

Life’s simple pleasures can be great ones for those of you who are willing to open your mouths and close your eyes. My roommates are both out of the house, it’s 1:00pm and I’m rocking out to some newly downloaded chicken lips tracks. Living life as a god isn’t for everyone, that’s right… the fruit of the gods!