Sunday, August 29, 2010

a new way to make coffee

Friday, August 27, 2010


i love headphones.

i started this post with the three words above as a draft on 9/7/2009 at 10:58pm.

it's almost a year from then. what the heck am i waiting for? in fact, i have 25+ ideas in queue. some have a few paragraphs, some have a few words. i chose this one because it's simple, and i have no idea what i was thinking about when i started this draft, but it'll be easy to take this idea and write with it. i feel like i need to do that because every day that passes, and i don't post on my blog, it gets tougher to create/write a post. so consider this an exercise, picking back up a routine.

headphones come in so many shapes and sizes. over ear, in ear, canal, earbud, over the head, behind the neck, and even molded to your personal ear canal. one of my all time favorite headphone pictures is the album cover of ice cube's lethal injection album.

there was just something so cool about that syringe and the kid laying down with headphones on.

the thing is, headphones have been around for a long time. but just recently (err, the past 5 years) i've noticed that headphones have been on a huge increase in popularity. the biggest to blame, apple computers. i could dive into pages of data that prove just how much the portable mp3/ipod blah blah blah but what i'm getting at is that it used to be a pain in the ass to go mobile with music, which in turn made headphones not so popular.

instead of lugging around a disc player, which would skip if you weren't standing still, and could only play 15 songs lasting up to 4 hrs you can carry a small piece of metal that clips on your shirt and plays 500 songs for 24hrs. it's easier to do, so people do it, and headphones are required.

this works for me, cause i like how people look with headphones on. it gives them mystery, i try to wonder what are they listening to at this moment.

like i said earlier, there's not much substance to this post besides the fact that i like headphones, so i leave you with this music video, yeah yeah, where everyone seems to really enjoy wearing headphones.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

the eggling pt. 6

ray is doing well these days.

look at those healthy green leaves!

and little rondo is coming along nicely.

sometimes a little company, some family, and loud music can turn dirt into life.

now i suppose with all these egg posts, the world has got wind that i'm some egg collector-connoisseur. as i have recently been gifted a wooden egg, from the lands of far east asia.

you see, the egglings are plants that grow out of eggs. the wooden egg is an egg made from a plant (tree) that most likely was hatched out of a similar eggling many many years ago in a far away land.

so you ask yourself:
are plants that mimic procreation styles of birds and reptiles a healthy post topic for this blog?
i say yes. and leave it at that.

Monday, August 2, 2010

five oh three, "that's my area", p-o-r-t

"welcome to portland"

"and back to the city"