Monday, December 13, 2010

yes! yes! in the face!

this year i moved into an apartment of my own. beforehand i was living in a three bedroom place, with two other people. and when i live with other people, i don't tend to care about anything more than function. my previous place had no theme, nor decor. nothing matched and nobody cared. the place was simply setup to be liveable. accessorizing was the furthest priority of mine.

but now that i've got a place of my own, ive got a place to decorate, accessorize, and enjoy. i'm still getting used to inviting people over and not having to send a "i'm having people over" email to roommates.

in doing this, i've realized that my preferred style is a mix of modern and vintage. in searching for these things i've come to know my neighborhood thrift stores quite well. in searching the thrift stores for knick knacks as well as furniture and decor pieces, the idea for a collaborate blog was brought up. jmz is a big fan of "thrifting" as well.

so we've created a blog, titled 'Thrifty', where we're planning to post our thrift store/garage sale/hand me down finds.

the address of the blog comes from a favorite movie that jmz and i share, see if you can guess it. here's a hint. the clip is the best i could find, unfortunately.

so go ahead and bookmark it, or toss it into your favorite rss reader and enjoy!

the eggling pt. 10

this blog has slowly turned into my eggling blog. here's to change when 2011 rolls around!

ray ray is doing well. i haven't harvested any of these delicious basil leaves as of yet (and my never) but he smells nice.

rondo has lots his flowers, but continues to grow nice and tall. at the moment he's about 1/2" taller than ray ray.

the peppers are getting shrively, i'll prune them off eventually and wait for new ones to take place.

and finally, here's the newest edition to the family! i don't have a name for this plant yet, nor do i have a set place to put it. all in time i suppose.