Monday, December 13, 2010

the eggling pt. 10

this blog has slowly turned into my eggling blog. here's to change when 2011 rolls around!

ray ray is doing well. i haven't harvested any of these delicious basil leaves as of yet (and my never) but he smells nice.

rondo has lots his flowers, but continues to grow nice and tall. at the moment he's about 1/2" taller than ray ray.

the peppers are getting shrively, i'll prune them off eventually and wait for new ones to take place.

and finally, here's the newest edition to the family! i don't have a name for this plant yet, nor do i have a set place to put it. all in time i suppose.


gaga said...

For the basil, the more leaves you pluck, the more they'll grow. Or so I've read. I've also read that once it starts flowering, the leaves don't taste so good anymore. Regardless, I'm glad your plants are doing so well. I'm jealous! Anything in our house would just get eaten by pick and roll.

Da Curious One said...

wow rondo is looking so good!!! should you name the new plant after a celtic perhaps to keep in tradition? we still need to do a joint post on our ever growing celtics team!

i vote for the name of big baby (glen davis) for this one but we shoud confirm with jon

jonyangorg said...

i second the big baby name!

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