Wednesday, November 10, 2010

the eggling pt. 9

rondo is kicking ass and taking names. with his 3rd flower, which is dramatically lighter color than the last two.

notice the dark purple wilted flower in the top left of this shot. that's how deep purple the last few flowers were.

by next year, i may have to move this guy from egg to pot. i suppose we'll see.

as for ray ray (for those of you who follow the eggling posts) has made a full recovery!

he's even taller than rondo, by a leaf.

anyone know how to make basil chicken?

introducing the newest member of the small plant family!

i haven't come up with a name yet, but i'm thinking dr. pepper may suffice. thoughts?

i don't know if these peppers are edible, or hot, or both. and i'm not sure i'm willing to find out.