Thursday, April 29, 2004

whatup with the 80's

fashion has always been a huge part of american culture. well any culture. what you look like says a lot about you. some people define their lifestyles by how they look, what they wear, how they talk, slang words etc...

seems like lately we've drawn away from that. everyone wears the same styles. clothes and appearance have hit a wall. it seems to me that the fashion of the 80's was a bit more creative. people did things that were different, to be different. nowadays if you're different you're stupid. you're dubbed not so stupid if you wear the cool clothes. but that shirt you bought at target for 7.99 will for sure make you a stupid canadate. imaginery quote:"what a dork, he buys his clothes at target, instad of gucci!!"

let me get this straight:

be different. wear things that to you, are cool/hip/fun/express how you feel, and disregard what people "should" look like if they desire to be hip/cool. OR just listen to the all mighty MTV and wear the clothes that the tools of the industry wear. **who knows if they are paid to wear the clothes they wear or not? i dunno. but somehow it makes me want to look like them since they're on TV** seems to be the general sense of the younger population these days.

so then: you're cool. you're wearing the cool clothes. you're not stupid. you paid 150.00 for your blue jeans and 50.00 for your button up short sleeve shirt. everyone has the same jeans, and the same shirt, same styles, wearing it the same, but you're still cool. cause that nerd over in the corner with the hat that he bought at a thrift store, or the shirt that wasn't from abercrombie is the not hip one.

what am i missing here?

labels. it's all about the labels.

the more expencive and trendy sounding the label is, the cooler. and thus you have more style than the next fellow.

the 80's spawned a fashion nightmare. or did it? maybe since we've grown up brainwashed with the concept that wearing the more expencive labels automatically turns you into a fashionable person (thanks to the great pop stars that we look oh so high up to).

i feel that the 80's was more fashionable since they did what they wanted to and expressed how they felt thru their clothing instead of how much they spend on their clothing.

my mom buys most of my clothes. this isn't why i look like i'm from the 80's. i just have more fashion sense =)

Monday, April 26, 2004

my birthday pics!!

Saturday, April 24, 2004


i very rarely take a REAL shower, it's more like sitting in the shower with water rushing over me. hell how active would you feel between 5:45-6:15am?? (my window of showering) i take my toothbrush, brush my teeth. occasionally i'll kneel down or take a seat, just to relax and help wake up a bit. but i do my thinking in the shower.

yes it's the shower where i do my major brain waive activity. most of my important life thoughts spawn from the shower. theorys, philosophical concepts, blogs, jokes, things i "should have said" in different occurences. i'm not discovering the cure to aids, but i am making steps in the right direction...

then there's that shower i take 1-2 times a week. the real shower, the one where rubbing a bar of soap on your belly just isn't going to make clean. the one where i use my exfoliating towel-thingy that leaves my skin red but feeling smooth as a baby's buttox. i can feel that my skin is so much smoother and softer once i use the exfoliating thingy. it's great.

during the weekends it's different. i sometimes don't shower at all. i smell bad, i feel gross. but it's ok. i don't mind. as long as my hands are clean. i like clean hands.

i feel that someday i will change my style... become a regular exfoliator, or a regular shower-er at that. but not till i have to. i obviously haven't showered much lately since i have nothing of any intrest to say here. that should be my guage.

Friday, April 23, 2004

mid life crisis

what's the average life expectancy of a human being? what's the average age of someone going thru their mid-life crisis? if i have a mid life crisis at 50, does that mean i'm most likely going to live till 100? i have heard that 75-79 is the avg life expectancy for a human being. i'm usually below average (grades, salary, bank accnt, number of friends, number of girls i've gotten lucky with) so that means i'll prolly kick the bucket a bit before 75. probably 60!!!! shit! i'm going to die at 60! i won't even be able to retire, and that's so what i'm looking forward to! being old, having some cash, doing nothing all day, hopefully having a chick... man that'd be great, and now i don't think i'm going to get it

worse yet, it looks like my mid life crisis will be at 30!! well i'm 5 years left till that day, i better start saving up for a convertible. probably a red one. and fast. real fast. oh but i was planning on getting married around then. yea 30-32 get married. (sure i gotta start getting girls to date me a bit more serious, but i got time for that... )

wait. it just dawned on me.

here i was thinking that i had no time, that since i'm below average, i'd be dying at a below average age. but i just remembered. and it took me a bit to remember this. but i'm a procrastinator (i even procrastinated on remembering i was one) and that means i'll procrastinate dying! i was born late, my brother says i'll show up late to my own funeral. i think i was 2 weeks late in being born. not sure gotta ask my mom. maybe i was 2 days. or 2 somethings... i wasn't paying attention then. i was busy you know. procrastinating.

so i guess i'll procrastinate my life. i'll have my mid life crisis at 50, which will guarantee me turn 100 since well... the middle of my life i had a crisis. and THAT'S where the convertible comes in... red, and fast!

Monday, April 19, 2004


i, like every internet junky, get bored with the same old things on the internet. sure the world is at my fingertips, but sometimes my fingers aren't the problem. it's my mind. where to go? there's nothing online! what do i do?

in these instances i usually go to craigslist and read what's for sale, what's being given out for free, how much rent costs in certian areas, etc... but the personals. oh my gosh what a gas.

the personals are more entertaining than all the previously noted categories. for example. in the "women seeking men" category just for today, monday april 19th, there were 140some odd posts. one hundred and forty!! there's so many lonely people out there! and these are women!!! "men seeking women" had 600+ entries for today. just today.

here's an intresting one the title is Girl Next Door Seeks Sugar Daddy and more - 20

This girl comes complete with laptap computer, modest income, and an excellent report card. All she needs is a nice place to live with a sweet gentleman. I can organize your house, do some cleaning and cooking, any projects you may have, and perhaps offer some other benefits. But first we need to talk about what we both want to see if we can meet each other's needs. I'm fresh-faced and cherubic with long brown hair, green eyes, and an hourglass figure. I'm also intelligent, creative and respectful and expect you to be the same. If you live alone and want your house to be more like a home, let's talk.

i love it. who the heck would respond to this?! it's mind boggling.

then another one titled beer, sports, sex - 25

which turned out to be a guy, coaching all the other guys who were browsing for females in need of some me. he had 11 points to his list of what to/not do in order to court the right woman for you off of craigslist. i liked point number 4 the best

4) Just because you've been to Reno does not mean you're well traveled.

this guy is pissed off yet he's willing to help. i don't know whether he deserves praise or to be thrown into a the kookoo's nest.

then there's this section "missed encounters" this makes me sad. i read this and realize that there's so many what could have been scenarios posted here everyday. how sad. it's like the part in the movie where you know both sides of the story and it almost comes together so well but they don't want you to have that satisfaction. and here we go...

Nathan (from the Clay Theatre), we met at Place Pigalle on Sat. - w4m - 28

I told you about the article in the Guardian that irked me.

I gave you fritz (but no ailoi -- 'tis bikini season, right?).

You bought me a drink.

You moved to the couch next to me.

You described Mr. Show.

I left to meet a friend.

I paused outside the door after leaving, hoping you'd come out and ask me for my number.

You made me smile.

This is a long shot, but perhaps you'll see this? If so, I'd love to meet again.


why did she leave to meet a friend? she regretted it so much that she had to go up to craigslist and post this. wow. jaw dropping. if i knew i made a girl do that i'd be in awe. but who knows, i'd have to go through hundreds of posts a day every day after i went anywhere and met anyone i don' t normally see.

personal ads aren't new. they're old. they're full of acronyms and horny/lonely/sad/disturbed people. and if i find myself posting something similar when i'm 49, i won't be surprised.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

play your video game and tell me that you love me

i don't know about today's video games. but back in the days, when i played a video game, i got special powers. no, not from playing the game, in the game! like in race car driving games you got nitros or in golden axe you'd have some majic and when there were too many foes in the area, bam hit the majic button and they'll all die! now some people use this right off the bat. some hold onto the majic and wait and wait and fight and die and end up dying before using their majic because they were waiting for the perfect time to use the majic.

i've done both. played both styles. explored both paths. with the non-conservative style you end up needing the majic when it's gone. yet wonder if you could have gotten as far in the game as you did without using it in the first place. with the conservative majic you end up using it on a boss, and since you save it up and work so hard to preserve it you end up thinking that it'll take off more damage than it really does. and it's a huge dissapointment when you essentially waste it on the boss. let down.

***i've always been bad at transitions, my english teacher tried and tried to make me use words like "therefore", "once more", "as a result", and "in other words". i guess i never learned. that bitch didn't know writing anyhow. she was stuck on the generic story line -> "every story goes as follows: introduction, setting, conflict, climax, resolution" bleh! that's just about as up to date as the poodle skirt. which brings me to another point, who the hell are highschool teachers?! they're my peers now! people i know have graduated, and are now working as teachers. they're idoits too! i don't feel so bad anyomore for my poor performance in highschool, since i now am aware of the idiots that are running those places...***

wow i am bad at transitions, that was a whole paragraph, just to introduce love. yes love. "i love you" three free words. yet people seem to think that these three words are majic. or nitros, or superboosts or whatever the video gives you a limited amount of, that really kicks ass. yes "i love you" is free to say and you have an unlimited amount of "i love you"'s. so then why does everyone wait till the end boss to use it? feels like nobody says i love you, and if for some reason they do, it means wedding bells will ring, or there's homosexuality lingering in the room!! and it could be contageous.

i had a conversation with a close friend of mine a few years ago. it was after many years of friendship with this girl, and i signed an email, or a letter of some sort, or something like that, and told her that i loved her. " talk to you again soo, love ameer." something like that. this drew a flag and we had a huge discussion over it. she told me she rarely told her family the three majic words, rather a friend of only a few years. i told her that if we could be friends for 2-3 years in college, and then for another 2 years while she lived in japan, and not only remain in contact but to remain close friends as well! that's love. i'm not in love with her, which is a totally different blog entry, i undoubtedly do love her tho.

i'm thinking that many people will get to the boss, use the majic, and realize that they built up, it's not so powerful and special. it's for everyday use. it's not something that has "the perfect time" to use. all the time is the best to use it. granted you use it with a bit of common sense.

so love is majic. use it, but don't abuse it!

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

barbara streisand

kelly clarkson

penelope cruz

shirley maclaine

what do all these women have in common? famous -yes. women -yes. anything else??? there's one thing you overlooked... they're all born on the same date. yes. april 24th! awesome isn't it! why do you ask? because that's when i was born! april 24th. the day of days. somethings just need to be known to an individual and i found all the celebritys that i knew that share my same day of birth. sure they're all women. we all have the same sign. none of them are born in 1979. there's actually no famous person born in 1979 on april 24th. that means my spot is still open! i'm moving on up!! to the east side!! (but out here in california, who wants to move to the east!? can we say riverside? second thought better not say it)

yes my birthday is coming up. i'm excited. i'm also bitter. i always wish i wasn't so late. if i didn't take my damn sweet time all the time i could have been born a few days earlier, say april 20th instead of april 24th. that would have given me 420 as a bday instead of 424. and by the way adolph hitler was born on 420, along with carmen electra, and joey lawrence. speaking of joey lawrence, do you think that ashton kutcher is the new joey lawrence? i think so. and i think good ol jo got jacked. he didn't have an mtv show where he played practical jokes on celebs, he was the exact opposite. they tried to make him sing and be a pop icon. everyone knows mtv will take you further if you're on it without backupdancers. i mean, how many videos do you really see on mtv these days? sure if you're up at 4am, wait, do they even play videos then? how has this blog turned into me, talking about teenage (although these guys aren't teenagers) heart throbs.

i'm getting old. that's what it is. 25 times around the sun seems like some extreme space mission that shouldn't have even been thought about, yet i've done it, well i'm doing it. i still have a few days (11) of being 24, and i'm loving it. i'm 24 baby! yup, still sorta early 20s. it could almost be argued. 25 is blatant. it's over. 25 is i'm a mid 20s person no questions sir.

so today i'm indulging in being 24. last year i turned 24 on the 24th of april. the golden bday. what did i do? i went to work. yea. worked and then went out for drinks. nothing humungo. i'm like that aren't i. non-humungo.

bigger is not always better. think of debt!

Monday, April 12, 2004

random monday

i saw bringing down the house this weekend. i think that people these days just love white people, especially old ones, talking like gangsta rappers. it's just comedy. boost mobile does it, steve martin does it, we laugh. it's great. does it get tiring? i don't know.

so then, i've been working at this job for 1 year, 1 month, 9 days, and today was the first day since that glorious "hi i'm the new guy" speech i gave everyone, that i had cereal for breakfast. it was some safeway select honey bunches of oats imitation wanna be that my mom forced me to take from her house when i left a few weeks ago. and i didn't have milk so i used water, tap water at that from the sink. but man did it feel good. i'm going to do this again! it's 9am, i'm not starving like a mofo (which i usually am by this time) and i think it's healthier to eat earlier in the day. or maybe it's not so healthy. i don't know health. but i do know that i jogged last week, and yea baby i'm going to do it again.

for the record, ipods are the best invention since sex. thank you.

it's plant shutdown this week. that means that the hula dancing girl on the top of my computer monitor will not dance for me to the beat of the 12000 lb hammer that shakes my desk like the scene in jurassic park where the T-rex was showing up and their water cup started shaking. oh, that also means it'll be quiet.

breakfast foods are my favorite. i smell scrambled eggs right now. maybe it's in my head. maybe it's not. i don't see them, and the few in the office who eat breakfast at 9am aren't here. this makes me wonder why it is that i smell the fragrance of scrambled eggs.

*note to self one cannot be soar the are sore from working out/running.

Tuesday, April 6, 2004

what day is this?

yesterday, monday april 5th 2004 i got myself all mixed up. yes. with daylight savings i changed all my clocks, but two of the clocks i changed incorrectly, and of course they were the 2 most important clocks i own. my alarm clock and my watch. the alarm clock i changed to the correct time, BUT i somehow changed the alarm to 6:45 from 5:45. this means that i have 15 mins from wakeup to take a shower, change, get some break, move my butt 26miles thru the orange crush (22 650 405 merge) to work at 7am. needless to say i didn't make it. so i get to work, it's an hour (or a half an hour) earlier than i'm used to due to the daylight savings phenomenon.

this is when i get to work and notice that it's monday april 6th. (for those of you in the know it was actually monday april 5th) but my watch said april 6th. i thought i changed my watch date on accident to the next number, but i wasn't sure and due to my precise calculation i was assured that monday was the 6th.

knowing this i skurried over to the DMV where i knew i had a 9:50 appt.for the 6th. i got up to the front of the line, told her i was an appointed person, she couldn't find me on the list but i quickly showed her my printout and we were good to go. up and out of the compton DMV like a jackrabbit. back to work to sign and date some more documents with the "4/6/04" following my name (good thing i only did about 20-25) so when i get home, i play catch-up with my roomate. we're shootin the shit and whatnot, i tell him that i have a haircut appt on tuesday april 6th! but today is monday april 6th? when do i go in? he says, no. today is the 5th, you're on monday april 5th right now. tomorrow is your appt.

i've heard stories, and done so myself, by going in 3hrs late to the DMV but with an appointment, and still getting the VIP treatment. but a whole day? i went in a whole day early! actually i was about an hour late!!(had i been on the correct day) i was 23 hours early!! how embarrasing would it have been to skate to the front of the line, then have the lady directing traffic tell me that my appointment is for tomorrow not today, dumbass. at the compton DMV, i woulda got shot or something, on principals.

from now on, i'm going to just take daylight savings off, it's now a national ameer navidi only holiday. but then again, isn't it always on a sunday morning?

Thursday, April 1, 2004

april fools day!

i used to love april fools day. love it! partially due to the fact that my birthday is in april, and april 1 marks the beginning of the month where my birthday falls. birthdays are great when you're young. the difference between 6 years old and 8 years old is similar to the difference between 30 and 40! yes. that much. as time goes on, years become worth less and less. so what does one do on april first when he's approaching his 25th pass around the sun on this rock that's 3/4 covered with water? he goes to a movie premiere!! my friend got me a ticket to this invite only event held at cinespace (where i will also be going on saturday for a birthday party) but this is getting lame. where's the april fools?

april fools day comes from where? who started it? why april? cause tax day is in april. good ol' tax day was either a godsent from heaven or it was a psudo ripe ear of corn shoved right up where the sun just ain't shining. since 9 days after tax returns is my beloved day of birth, the total of my booty (the pirate kind) was dependant on a tax return, as opposed to a tax debt, or whatever accountants call it when you owe the damn govt. MORE money. **quick rant on the govt. taking taxes, i really dislike statistics, but this one gives you somewhat of an idea HOW much taxes we pay. someone making what i make with the deductions (none) that i make will work from jan 01 to may 16 and every penny earned will go to taxes. this is including the taxes taken from income AS WELL as the taxes paid when you purchase clothes, pay your water bill, get gas, buy a burger... etc. yes. 5 1/2 months of work, right to the govt. and what do they give us? roads and a shitty legal system that fines you a $25.00 ticket for parking in LA with no front liscence plate. TWICE within a week. glad i'm working for taxes RIGHT NOW! well... blogging for taxes.

so yea. no april fools planned today. haven't had any played on me today. april fools has lost it's spark. it's a fool's holiday and i'm the only fool who likes it. even google doesn't have a theme on it today (which it usually does on cerian special calendar days) so you know it's insignificant! oh well hopefully my birthday won't be such a fool's day.