Thursday, April 1, 2004

april fools day!

i used to love april fools day. love it! partially due to the fact that my birthday is in april, and april 1 marks the beginning of the month where my birthday falls. birthdays are great when you're young. the difference between 6 years old and 8 years old is similar to the difference between 30 and 40! yes. that much. as time goes on, years become worth less and less. so what does one do on april first when he's approaching his 25th pass around the sun on this rock that's 3/4 covered with water? he goes to a movie premiere!! my friend got me a ticket to this invite only event held at cinespace (where i will also be going on saturday for a birthday party) but this is getting lame. where's the april fools?

april fools day comes from where? who started it? why april? cause tax day is in april. good ol' tax day was either a godsent from heaven or it was a psudo ripe ear of corn shoved right up where the sun just ain't shining. since 9 days after tax returns is my beloved day of birth, the total of my booty (the pirate kind) was dependant on a tax return, as opposed to a tax debt, or whatever accountants call it when you owe the damn govt. MORE money. **quick rant on the govt. taking taxes, i really dislike statistics, but this one gives you somewhat of an idea HOW much taxes we pay. someone making what i make with the deductions (none) that i make will work from jan 01 to may 16 and every penny earned will go to taxes. this is including the taxes taken from income AS WELL as the taxes paid when you purchase clothes, pay your water bill, get gas, buy a burger... etc. yes. 5 1/2 months of work, right to the govt. and what do they give us? roads and a shitty legal system that fines you a $25.00 ticket for parking in LA with no front liscence plate. TWICE within a week. glad i'm working for taxes RIGHT NOW! well... blogging for taxes.

so yea. no april fools planned today. haven't had any played on me today. april fools has lost it's spark. it's a fool's holiday and i'm the only fool who likes it. even google doesn't have a theme on it today (which it usually does on cerian special calendar days) so you know it's insignificant! oh well hopefully my birthday won't be such a fool's day.


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