Monday, March 29, 2004

Q: what are the chances?

A: 1 in 365.242199

according to 1 year is 365.242199 days. so every 4 years we have an extra day, that's where leap year shows up. ANYHOW so i figured what are my chances, because today, i went into a database at work, pulled up an old form with the intentions of creating a new form by simply modifying an existing form and when i got to the date portion, i see 03/29/01 in the date box. i thought to myself, WOW today is 03/29/04!! that's the same day 3 years ago! what are the chances?! so then i figured, the chances that it'd be march 29th is 1 in 365.2- you get it.

so why is my luck so fancy on an occasion like this, but not in other instances. for example my bank accnt? why don't i get an accidental deposit of $2,000.00 from an unknown unverifyable source that nobody picks up on but me? does that have the same chances at 1 in 365.242199? i don't know. or how about on my way home with that darn O.C./L.A. traffic, suddenly everyone just moves out of my lane so that i'm able to fly home in 25mins at 80miles per hour while everyone is at 20.

that's all dandy. whatevers. so i used up my luck of the odds on saving me a few keystrokes, i'm over it... cause i have found a website that really show's you that size is all relative.


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