Tuesday, March 9, 2004

how far i've come?

when i graduated i had no job lined up. so i went to work at happy carwash for $60.00 - $70.00 bucks a day. we're talkin hard physical work. in the sun, down in el cajon, where's that you ask? inland south san diego. aka desert. aka hot as fuck. aka sweating while you sit in the shade and fan yourself. now picture vacuuming a full size van that reeks of mcdonalds fries, is plastered with dog hair that refuses to come off the bench seats even with the industrial strenght vac, oh yea... in 100degree weather, while some ass is pointing out everywhere you didn't vacuume. and this is all happening with my freshly completed Batchelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the fine institute of The University of California Irvine. yea, i washed cars.

so today our field rep had her car egged. not at our site, at her home. but she came in and demanded a clean car. we're the supplier she's the customer. customers feed us so we went in and got her car cleaned. $20.00 later she wasn't happy with how her car was. so it was my turn. i decided to do this right... so i talked to the owner of a carwash (a co worker of mine gets his corvette washed there every week, has been going to this place for 25 years) and told him the scenario and why i was bringing a car that was just washed (2x i may add, he had them do it again) to be detailed and buffed.

i get back, hand the company credit card and recipt to my boss and he tells me "you didn't think that you'd be taking cars to get washed when you were in school studying to be an engineer" and i thought. well, i used to be the guy washing the car. and now i'm the guy paying $58.00 to get a champaigne dodge intrepid that had just been washed 2x buffed and waxed. it was a small moment of realization. yes i've come a long way. but i still got so far to go, someday i'm going to be the one with my car egged having a supplier getting my car washed! well i don't want my car egged...


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