Thursday, March 25, 2004

who really cares??

i was being yelled at by someone. and it got me pretty upset. i was in the wrong, she was in the right, i was being scolded for being wrong. as a result, i was upset. messed up my whole morning. i wanted to argue my point, tell her why i was right, and she was wrong. but it was an uphill fight in a downhilll whirlwind. no dice for our hero.

the later on that day i encountered an aggresive comment from someone, and that comment really didn't need to be said. but this time, instead of ruining my evening, and fighting back to prove that i'm right, you're wrong, what i say/do/feel is valid, and what you do/say/feel is incorrect. you're a piece of shit and should die a horrible slow (but not too slow, cause i don't want you around too long) death!

and in that moment of raging emotions and aggression, i had an eppifianny (how does one spell this mideval word) life would kick ass if i.. just.. didn't.. care....

just don't care. f-it. screw it. forget it.

don't care. sure i'm wrong, i don't care, i'll fix it... la dee daa

"aggressive comment towards ameer here" *shrug* whatevers, i'm going to go do something i enjoy, i don't care what you do

not caring about what is going on, it's really tough. i see people in the work place argue passionately over something that doesn't really matter to their daily life, the history of the world, the survival of humanity. nothing. it's just some more paper work or a different way to do something. i have friends who complain about the same such. it's very hard to not care about something that you pour your hours into daily. but if you master that, the reward is gold. a free clear mind, less stress, and a nice piece of mind that small shit dudint boder me.


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