Monday, November 24, 2003

stories make the world go round

i love stories, i love telling stories, hearing stories, but most of all making stories.

much of the time i will do something out of charachter or against common sense due to the chance that i may get a cool story out of this. stories are memories, and memories are what keep me going. if i didn't remember anything (i'd be 100% happy all the time first of all) but conversely i'd have nothing to motivate me to persue anything. cause i'd forget it in a sec anyway.

saturday me and jowilla, my good friend go to costco to get some hotdogs and change her tires. after she's all paid and everything's done she tells me: "2hr wait dude" i guess she has to drop her vocab when she wants to communicat to me. so we hang out in costco for as long as humanly possible (1hr 15mins) eat for 15, and hope that 2 hrs really meant 1:30hrs. we were wrong. so outside, with a shopping cart we sat and watched the car.

thru the day we had mentioned how we enjoyed drinking. and on weekends almost had to have a drink in order to have a pleasureable weekend. so as we sat, starting to get cold, on the curb in the costco parking lot next to $100.00 of meat (jowilla is doing the atkin's diet) in a shopping cart watching her civic sit up on a lift.

after 10-15 mins i pray that something happens to liven up the moment. a conversation spark, or an intresting encounter with someone... and all of a sudden, i look to the ground. there, right next to me, i reach down and without even moving my butt from the spot on the curb where i had it planted for 15 solid minutes was a shiny silvery unopened i looked at it and picked it up then looked at jowilla and instantaneously we were hysterically laughing as if the funniest thing in the world had just happened.

so here i am, with a beer. i figured someone had to have left this just for me. i wiped it off (cause it was in the gutter sorta) and drank the beer! i had to... how could this have made story status if i just found the beer and chucked it or something. it'd be a waste of my life to even had found the beer. all this went thru my head and i said... drink the beer i must. for i will have to tell of this day for years to come.

it was warm, watery, yuky coors light. and i drank it, enjoyed it, laughed, and then finished it. thus finishing today's story.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

weird work habits

not too long ago a co worker nominated me to be the offical "snapple cap collector" that's right folks, i'm the guy in charge of holding on to snapple caps for the company. or the quality dept i guess...

upon taking this responsibility i decided that keeping this vital information to myself is not only selfish but also dishonest. people pay for snapple and with the snapple comes the cap. now this cap has a fact inscribed on it and i for one am not going to withold that impervious information. (that means information that can't be affected/penetrated)

so here i list the facts, as snapple sees them.

#186: a female kangaroo is called a flyer

#93: kangaroo can jump 30 feet

#161: the first TV network kids show in the US was "captian kangaroo"

#185: a male kangaroo is called a boomer

#29: on average, a human being will spend 2 weeks kissing in his/her life

#132: a crocodile cannot move its tounge

#23: the san francisco cable cars are the only mobile national monument

#25: the only food that doesn't spoil is honey

#5: a camel has 3 eyelids

#171: the most sensitive parts of the body are the mouth and fingertips

#68: the longest one-syllable word is "screeched"

#3: beavers can hold their breath for 45 minutes

#112: at birth, a dalmatian is always pure white

#72: the average person uses 150 gallons of water a day for personal use

#41: shrimp can only swim backward

all will be well now. i have fulfilled my mortal destiny for today.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

the fine line between blogs and work

so looks like this guy saw some macs being delivered to his work (microsoft) he took a pic, then posted it, and now is looking for a new job. funny shit. i heard about this but was skeptical... then i saw that someone did exactly what i did so i'm just linking them here

i want a new $3,000.00 apple G5
wild and crazy friday night

thrusday summed up in one line:

golf, baby back ribs, 3 24oz beers, 3 johnnywalker blacklabels, 1 double crown, 1 glenfeddich

friday (daytime) summed up in one line:

drive drunk to work, co worker goes home due to hangover, i stay till 4 and am in bed by 5:30

i had plans friday to hang out with my friend sonic and some other people. going to the conga room and for some electroclash performance. not bad for a friday. plans are meet at sonic's place 45mins away from my house at 10pm

10:15pm i get a call, which wakes me from my slumber "ameer you on the road?" "nah man i'm in bed, you just woke me up" "alright just stay there, we'll hang out next weekend" "peace"

around 12:30 i wake up and stumble into the tv room with my bass. i figure i'll practice a bit, watch tv, go to bed in an hr or so and call it a night. tomorrow i'll take over the world, tonight i'll spend friday night at home. my roomate had asked me what i was doing when i got home from work on my way from the front door to my bed. i told him i had plans at 10. he complained about having nothing to do and that's all she wrote cause i hit the floor.

now at 12:30 he's still up, in his room.. prolly playing poker online or something. his car is in the driveway. my other two roomates are out in michigan partying and drinking more than they're body's weight in cheap booze.

all of a sudden the door opens. someone walks in. some kid. i had never seen him before in my life. a caucasian male about 21 yrs old wearing a brown flannel shirt a white t-shirt underneath and some regular pants. he walks in with confidence. sits on the couch. and commences to watch tv with me. i give him a "what's up" he returns it.

after a min or so of silence he gets up and moves across the room to a double door that leads to efrian's room, but the doors were taken off and a slab of soundproof wall was put up. never the less this stranger starts trying to open it and go in efrain's room. now i know all of efrain's friends (or at least the ones that would just walk right into efrain's house) but i assumed that since efrain is in michigan, he'd not have any visitors. then there's eric, who's still in his room... i tell the guy.. eric's in his room.. down the hall on the left. so the guy walks in. and comes right back with a very blank stare on his face.

he sees me and asks me if eric is outside. i tell him he's in his room again. this is when the guy goes to the front door and looks at the door knob for a good 30-45 seconds. just the door knob.

he opens the door. walks 5-6 steps outside. (mind you the porch light is off and it is 12:45am) and stares at cars and houses for a bit. then he walks a bit more towards the street and that's when i decided to not spy on him anymore. and he's gone.

i then go to eric's room to find that HE'S NOT HOME!!!! the door was closed, light on, car parked in driveway. and he wasn't home. i had no clue.

later on when he came home with a girl, i asked him if he was expecting anyone. he said no. gave me a confused look and then inquired why? i told him about a guy and how he looked... eric continued to give me a stare of disbelief... he ran to his room to see if anything had been stolen. it hadn't. but this is when i really started to realize... some stranger just came right into the house! from now on i lock the door. even if i'm watching tv home along. i'm just a door locker now. that's it... i'm not so keen about some dude just walking in my house. even tho it did give me something to say about my friday night.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

viva las vegas

pics & stories

Monday, November 10, 2003

las vegas

what a weekend.

there's some stuff that happens in vegas that just doesn't happen often. and those are the times we go there for.

quick reference of the good times:

1.) geraldo rivera

2.) "six is a winner, chicken dinner"

3.) "just for that, let me see if i can finish it before he gets back"


6 boys, 6 flasks, 2 bottles of good scotch, tons of cigarettes, 1 hotel room, and vegas.

i blacked out this weekend. that's never happened to me. it was a scary experience. i don't think it's something that i'm a big fan of. here's the chain of events that led up to the madness that i experienced: hungry as heck, we're walking to the mirage buffet. we approach a roulet table, throw down 220.00 (i put in the 20.00) and i light a cig... not cause i wanted one, but because i was nervous. we went red, i so thought of black at that moment. we lost =( let's go eat.

half way thru the cig, i decided that this wasn't for me, i extinguish in next to an old lady playing 3 slot machines and after a weird look from here i find i'm standing in line that the mirage. i'm dying in line all of a sudden. i was so tired, i couldn't understand how tired i was. but i just couldn't stand up, i leaned on everything. the tiredness stage wasn't enough, my body wanted to pain me more. it's just like that these days. i may have pissed me off or something. that's when the nausia came, and throwing up quickly sounded like the best thing to do, but this only lasted for a 30second span. it was soon overcome by a ringing noise that gradually increased into a huge wall hushing out all other outside sounds. simotaneously my vision started to fade. i tried, my mind was still 100% there, i didn't have any desire to lye down or just let go, but my eyes continued to tune out. it's similar to walking into a dark room from outside on a bright sunny day. your irises have to adjust and while they do you can't see. everything went black. i remember the last thing i saw was the outline of james and jimmy, their faces already gone, i could only make out where their arms and bodies connected.

i mentioned to james and jimmy, in a soft slow voice. "guys i can't see" they started laughing, and giggling, which was quickly silenced and i could hear them say, "are you joking? dude? you can't see?" i couldn't. i could hear, i could talk (barely), and i could move, i was still standing in line, about to pay for the buffet! but i couldn't see. i remember hearing them say how wide open my eyes were. the feeling i had was as if i was so tired, that no matter how hard i tried i couldn't lift my eyelids. i tried and tried, all my energy was expelled trying to lift my eyelids up. but they were up. way up. i could hear them say how wide open my eyes were, but it didn't feel that way. jimmy waved his hands in front of my face and noticed that i wasn't blinking. i really couldn't see. james asked if i wanted water, i nodded, and he was off. jimmy stood there and i think i grabbed his arm, or someone's.

there was a moment where i just waited. standing there for what felt like 30 mins with no vision and jimmy waving his hands in front of my face. i just stood there and jimmy just stood there. when all of a sudden. the outline of jimmys shirt came barely in to view. then i could slowly start to distinguish his torso and arms and head. then the colors started coming back, the light was getting brighter. just then james shows up with the water, and that cold glass felt so good against my hand.

beads of sweat had now shown up on my forehead. no, all over. i was drenched. i don't even sweat that much, i rarely break a sweat, i'm always cold and never hot, but i was burning up. i drank the water and then somehow paid my buffet fee. this i don't remember doing, i was just out of the black period and i somehow managed to hand that lady a 20.00

i quickly went to the dessert section with james and he got me a chocolate cookie, with some chocolate cake and told me to eat them both right away. in an instant like that, it's blood sugar level. you use up all your blood sugar and you black out momentarily. i ate that like the wind. i don't like sugary things so much, but this was making me feel better by the second. i went back to the table, in a zone. i couldn't do anything fast, i wanted to just sleep and eat, sleep and eat at the same time, on a bed. what an experience.

gene bought me a 41.00 shot of johnny walker blue label ya, that's a bit much for a shot, but it was worth it, plus i gave him 100.00

1.00 beers, wonderful. downtown vegas, lovely. buffets, awesome.

vegas with the boys, unbeatable.

jon wanted to know about this, as others. i swear by it, so check it out:

google toolbar

Friday, November 7, 2003


i'll be in vegas for a while. hold my calls.

Wednesday, November 5, 2003

jon is my hero

jon earlier wrote about how blogging is his life. and all it's pros and cons. so that made me think about getting this for him.


i didn't want to really post about jon, i just had to cause he is not only inspiring, interesting, intuitive, industral, interogative, and introverted, but he's also indicated.

i like in- words.

so anyhow, i'm in a slum. i'm in a fog, funk, ditch. no i'm in a foggy funky ditch. and it sucks. i can't say why, i don't know what... but i do know that i was in one when i went from 5th grade to 6th grade. and then again from 8th grade to highschool (9th grade) then again i went thru a similar foggy funky ditch when i went to college (13th grade??) so here i am, 11 months out of college. i'm in the freshman funky ditch of the real world the thing is that freshman year isn't just a year, or 9 months, it's years. it's 2-5 years!! shit! thing is, when i remember back to those days. i had a blast, i miss them but in the midst of them i feel like i'm in hell. partially since my future is so undefined and broad. once i got a bit involved and immerse myself in this "real world" that i've just jumped into, i'm sure i'll look back upon today, nov 5th, 2003. and miss this day.

but then. today is shit. yesterday the day before, tomorrow.. last week. i think that the mean of emotions has been below the acceptable defined lower limit. it's a "rollercoaster" the ups are up the downs are down, but the downs are so easy to remember and the ups are so hard to remember, thanks to johnny walker, the glen fedditch, and glen morangie.

this is what happens when the ups are up:




the last one is dedicated to nancy.

sometimes it's good to remember the ups on the rollercoaster rather than the downs. lovely.