Wednesday, November 5, 2003

jon is my hero

jon earlier wrote about how blogging is his life. and all it's pros and cons. so that made me think about getting this for him.


i didn't want to really post about jon, i just had to cause he is not only inspiring, interesting, intuitive, industral, interogative, and introverted, but he's also indicated.

i like in- words.

so anyhow, i'm in a slum. i'm in a fog, funk, ditch. no i'm in a foggy funky ditch. and it sucks. i can't say why, i don't know what... but i do know that i was in one when i went from 5th grade to 6th grade. and then again from 8th grade to highschool (9th grade) then again i went thru a similar foggy funky ditch when i went to college (13th grade??) so here i am, 11 months out of college. i'm in the freshman funky ditch of the real world the thing is that freshman year isn't just a year, or 9 months, it's years. it's 2-5 years!! shit! thing is, when i remember back to those days. i had a blast, i miss them but in the midst of them i feel like i'm in hell. partially since my future is so undefined and broad. once i got a bit involved and immerse myself in this "real world" that i've just jumped into, i'm sure i'll look back upon today, nov 5th, 2003. and miss this day.

but then. today is shit. yesterday the day before, tomorrow.. last week. i think that the mean of emotions has been below the acceptable defined lower limit. it's a "rollercoaster" the ups are up the downs are down, but the downs are so easy to remember and the ups are so hard to remember, thanks to johnny walker, the glen fedditch, and glen morangie.

this is what happens when the ups are up:




the last one is dedicated to nancy.

sometimes it's good to remember the ups on the rollercoaster rather than the downs. lovely.


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