Friday, October 31, 2003

chips and salsa how do i love thee

there's something about chips and salsa. i just love. i love it. if you called me and asked me to come over and i said... "nahh i'm kinda busy/lazy/tired" then you mentioned... well we're just here eating chips and salsa.. i'd have a real quick chance of mind right there on the spot 10 times out of 13. nice ratio i know.

chips and salsa represents much more than a mexican food appetizer. it represents youth, culture, happyness, and togetherness.

just to hear someone eek out the words chips and salsa fills my mind with get togethers, poor college nights with no food and only beer to drink in the house, sitting down to a nice mexican (one of my favorite cuisines) restraunt... so many good times.

when you say pizza i think of cheesy parties, or lonely nights alone in my boxers watching chick flicks, crying when sam and the cutest guy in highschool finally kiss on the day after her 16th birthday.

regardless... i ate chips and salsa all day at work. what a day


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