Wednesday, October 15, 2003

"hump day"

it's wed day, i dread wed day.

i hate it i hate it i hate it.

there is no worse evil than wed day.

wed is the root of all that is bad and uh-holy.

wed is to ameer as

hitler is to the jews, herpes are to hookers, and arnold is to california, combined.

why so bad? hump day right? humping is good?

no, first off i don't hump, second off it's the middle. the middle is the worst! i'm an extremest (is that a real word, if so spelled correctly?)

monday sucks for most people, cause they have a week of grueling work to look forward to.

i see monday as the day after. i'm still on a little bit of a "it's the weekend" high. plus work is slow... takes some time for everyone to get into the working mode again. it's a nice glide into the week.

tuesday is still not bad cause you had a easy monday and normally have nothing crazy monday night. so you're rested and you still remember that you had a good weekend.

but tuesday night, you feel a storm a-brewin. that storm is wed.

get into work, and you can't see the weekend coming anytime soon. then you try to remember what you did last saturday afternoon and you still can't recall... all you can remember is the last two days, monday and tuesday... and you were working those days!

the reason 4 day weeks feel so short isn't cause there's no monday. sure you don't go in on monday or don't go in on friday. but it's wed that they leave out (in theory) there's no middle day. you're either monday (the day after the weekend), tuesday (the day after monday), then jump to thursday! (one day left), and beloved friday.

so today is wed. what did i do this weekend. i dunno.

what will i do this weekend i dunno.

all i know is from my immediate memory i've been working forever, and i will be working forever.

only a few things can salvage a wed: going on a field trip, instant burritos with rooster sauce, and not spending any money for lunch.


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