Wednesday, October 8, 2003


after talking to a co-worker about my ergonomic keyboard that i brought in to work, since the standard one had been giving me pains in my wrists, i did some web research.

this is where i discovered the dvorak keyboard layout. it's different than the regular layout (referred to as qwerty because that's what the upper left hand corner spells when you look at it)

so i've tried to learn this new layout. i read on the web that 99.99% of keyboard users use qwerty keyboards, but virtually any keyboard can do both, it's just a simple click in windows to change from regular to dvorak. but where are the keys???

so i went in and put stickers on my keys! and then posted a diagram on my monitor. i practice 2x a day and only for 15 mins. it says a month is how long it takes to learn it, and it's easy to go back and forth. we'll see... this could cripple my typing skills forever, or make me dual keyboard layout compatible.

i'm up for both.

so here's a pic of this intresting layout:

notice the vowels are at the left and the consinants are on the right. and the most used letters are at your fingertips, like who the hell put the letter j at your right index finger? that's prolly the most dominant finger in the majority of the population and how many times did i use the letter j in this paragraph?

dvorak is supposedly the way better, just came to late, and nobody wanted to learn the better way. i am part of that .01% of the population, i will survive, i will one day post a post using dvorak's hard earned work to my benefit. that is all. and all is that.


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