Wednesday, October 22, 2003

take it off!

as everyone knows, (if they actually read my daily life) i'm a bit blue these days due to a case of heartbreak. i came upon a recipe for a quick pick-me-up yesterday:

2 single roomates

1 non-single roomate with a girlfriend in colorado

$1.00 well drinks in laguna beach

a pack of freshly rolled cigars

a 4 door honda civic

a couple of 1dollar bills

the extacy strip club off fairview

so i'm not a strip club virgin anymore.

girls taking their clothes off in front of spectating people. it wasn't what i figured it'd be. but it was fun, no doubt it was fun.

i don't only recommend this recipe for heartbreak cases, but also for birthdays, layoffs, ice cream sundays, or just good ol mother's day. i wish i was wittier sometimes but find that wit isn't my thing. the card i usually play is the comedy card, but it comes out as the "i'm a loser card".

or if i'm playing cards for reals, it's play the A and 5 as if it were an A and 3... specially when two three's show up in the flop.

-sounds like i know what i'm talking about but i don't-

i think i'm hungry for another pick-me-up.


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