Wednesday, October 15, 2003

jacked this questionaire from june


My name is: ameer

People call me: ameer, the nose, booty, but nobody calls me baby.

in the morning i am: working, but usually still asleep. tea is my friend!

love is: puppy dogs, horsepower, and of course when chicks dig it.

if i could see one person right now: sir issac newton

i daydream about: playing pool, fishing, drinking.

tall or short: short

born: near chi town, windy citay

shoe: blue pumas and adidas

school: hell no we won't go

sibs:ama and adam

righty or lefty: lefty loosey righty tighty


been in love: l.o.v.e. is that a stupid word to me. so ya then...

smoked: tires, yes. leaves, yes. buildings, no.

bungee jumped: big rubberbands are neat, but not that neat.

broken the law: like a bank robber.

skinny dipped: ja man!

cried to get out of trouble: cried and tried but still got fried.

fallen for the wrong guy/girl: daily. hourly, minutely, just happend again.

cut your own hair: multiple times. not good tho.

been mean: ask adam and ama.

stalked someone: started to but then forgot what i was doing.

been sarcastic: see ABOUT ME quiz.

laughed until you cried: gene was holding up this spiderman suit, in longs drugs, in his pj's. till i pantsed him.

been so drunk you blacked out: too many times.

skipped school: to study or to hw, all the time.

wanted to hook up w/ a friend: this is actually the qualifying quality of one of my friends.

cried during a flick: in the theaters, to try to pick up on chicks.


what do u notice first: skin

turn on-looks: teeth, hair, ears, cheeks, ankles, fingers, arms.

turn on-personality: ability to stupify me.

turn off-looks: nasty stuff.

turn off-personality:

hair length: short is sexy, long is seductive. but both long and short is just gross.

best height: 5'3"

best weight: 90-135 (but a 38% bodyfat is a must)

best style of clothing: eccentric


red: rum

cow: time

grass: ifonia

blue: dude

mirror: shake it!

cracker: in a box

zine: one time

aol: life

jelly: pen


day/night: night

summer/winter: summer in SD

lace/satin: egyptian satin

tape/cd: tapes have much more charachter. but i use cd's

lust/love: lust (currently)

on phone/in person: personaje

gold/silver: seeeelver

scary/happy movies: happy


color: green

holiday: halloween

shampoo: cheap shit

furniture: squishy chairs, low to the grownd if possible

number: 9

emotion: giddy

food: new stuff. i'm anti candy and desserts

drink: scotch, beer, wine, cranberry juice

fast food: in n out IS what a hamburger's all about

school subject: physics - mechanics is pretty fun for a school subject

animal: golden retriver, yellowtail

sport to play: billiars, fishing,

sport to watch: soccer

flower: gerbera daisy

cartoon character: faye valentine from cowboy bebop *drool*

language: know broken english, took spanish in highschool, took korean in college, wish i could speak japanese and farsi

weekend activity: A) san diego, eat drink and be merry. B) LA LA big city of dreams.

font: X-Cryption

store: fry's electronics,

HAVE Y0U // D0 Y0U // ARE Y0U

obsessive: about buying new toys (cars, electronics, comptuers, handcrafted items)

take a shower everyday: monday thru thursday. most friday-sunday spells only allot for one shower.

like high school: in highschool i had long hair and a moustache. many friends now claim to not have known me then.

want to get married: someday over the rainbow

get along w/ your parents: like best buds!

like thunder storms: no, hate rain, hate cold.

sit on the internet all day waiting for someone special to get on AIM: daily

cried because of someone saying something mean to you: takes a bit more to get me down

been rejected: daily

rejected someone: once i think i did.

used someone: *frown* yea i did... *bows head in shame*


could u live without the computer?: many claim that it is impossible

what hurts the most? physical pain or emotional pain: emotional translates into physical down the line.

trust others way too easily?: do this daily too...

houses lived in: i'm living in lucky number 13

bedroom carpet: i've shampoo'd this bitch 2x in the 1 1/2 months i've been here, but it's still nasty.

would you shave ur head for $5000: i'd to it for $50.00

age for marriage: 26-32

last film seen in theatre: once upon a time in mexico

what do you eat for breakfast: unsalted saltine crackers.

bedtime: sun-thurs pre 11:30pm. fri-sat post 4:00am

best feature: the nose, oh yea nose.


i miss: being missed

i fear: that things won't change.

i wonder: about random shit, the kind of stuff that makes the world turn... (newtons theory of gravity?!?)

how do you know it's love: i won't till it's all over.

i need to: be disciplined, and cut loose!


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