Sunday, October 19, 2003

relate to this

dave's wrote a song, that he didn't put on his album, but i love and force him to play, partially because i relate to it so much, the other part is cause i was there when he recorded it and he plays it rather goofy. none the less the lyrics are ones that i could use for my own life story:

"for all the time i spent on the edge,

should have been the end of you.

seems all the time that i'm trying to forget

but my thoughts still run in and out to you.

all my love

just a dance

my only chance

for sweet romance.

but i could be better

when i see you laying bare

i forget to show,

that i can't know or care

and how i hate

how your in my mind

don't you think,

that you'll be some friend of mine

well everyone i meet from here on out

just not ever compare to you

vile notions to my emotions

i can't carry my thoughs

go in and out to you

well up and down i find myself

i've got to go

i'm on the floor

i've got to go"

why does this song relate to me so much? why am i posting this?

well, i've been seeing a girl in a non-committed relationship for over a year now. from the end of last summer, to the end of this summer. and it slowly has crumbled to nothing due to exterior conflicts of schedules and other things.

yesterday she confronted me and told me she has someone new. they always get someone new. i'm never the "i've got someone new" person. i'm always the "you're a great guy, a great guy, but...." the chump.

and here it is again.

there's other girls out there, i'm a fisherman, i just gotta throw my hook back. but change is hard. this song tells me to buck up little camper, invite change into your life instead of hide from it and shy away for what lay ahead.

regardless. when i hear this song, i know others have felt what i am, and that there's something good a little later on.


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