Thursday, October 23, 2003

it's a day outside

i went to taco rico in norwalk by myself for dinner one day in my loney days of living alone. and well, i brought my handheld pda in order to write some song lyrics for daves son this song was to be happy, and was to be about how nice it is outside, and enjoying it. but for some reason i just didn't feel it that day and this is what came out.

i don't know if it'll become a song, but it'll sure make for a post =)

so many years ahead

can't focus a thought

am i thinking straight

am i talking out loud

with people by

and a comfy place

and the word naive

written on my face

the sun is out

but i don't care

playin video games

in my underwear

it's a day outside

it's a play-out ride.

this friday afternoon, i feel fine.

i can feel the pinch on my arm

the coffee needs some more.

those short 24

keep my feet off the floor.

i read organize, prioritize,

there's future in my time.

more than my get by,

vacation time adds high,

calendar days fall.

the appartment eats away

what i like to call

those days outside

that i can't find

used to play or ride

now there's no time

it's a day outside

pass by me quick.

embrace it now

or live my death

it's a day outside,

it's a play-out ride.

this friday afternoon, i feel fine.

theres one week left

so the doctor said

i've gotta tumor

in the side of my head

my thoughts go back

while i'm in this bed

those days outside

when i should have said

"go play outside

put in some time

get some fresh air

it'll soon pass by"

those days outside

those playout rides

next friday afternoon

i'll have died.


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