Friday, October 10, 2003


24 years ago my parents got themselves knee deep in shit. yea, me. i came along and that was it. i know for a fact that i was a difficult one to deal with. shit, i had to deal with me. but i got to a thinking about how tough i really had it. so girls broke my heart on my sleeve, so i didn't make straight A's, or B's or whatever grades would have been good enough to be happy.

my dad:

born in tehran iran, joined the navy when he was 17, earned a scholoarship to northwestern in engineering for 5 years, in return he had to serve in the iranian navy for however many years he went to school. after finding out from higher ranked officers that it was not really like that, he was in the navy for the long haul, he opted for a vacation to europe 2 years into his service. an out of state vacation at that time had to be approved by the shah (king) himself. 8 months after applying he was granted the vacation. he left, told noboyd. lived in europe awal from the iranian navy, later on rendezvu'd with my mom, and went to the states to get married. a few years later iran had a huge revolution. the navy officer in charge of his ship was beheaded.

my mom:

born in wisconsin. 4th youngest in a litter of 5, as the only girl. as my mother turned 2 year old grampy left granny bird. mom and her mom held together the fam as the only 2 girls in the group consisting of 4 boys. grandma worked at nestle. mom went to get her teaching credentials and then while i was a young pup did classes at night to get her masters in special ed.


biggest feat ever faced from 1979 till now: "mom, dad, i'm 16!!! how come i don't get my own car!!"

sure i have friends that are a bit more spoiled that i am, and i have friends not as spoilded. but i had access to a car when i needed. until i got the $$ to buy my own one. my life in comparison, i don't deserve what i have.

or do i?

my parents had one motivation to get them through the situations that they were in. although i've never heard them say explicity, they wanted to have a nice family, provide for that family, and live a nice, easy, cushy live while they're kids grow up at a nice pace and soon become independant, not having to struggle and work as hard as they had to. by living the life i live now, it's actually a service to my parents, showing that they're hard work and stress paid off big time. i did go to college, i have a job and am independant of them financially. i depend on them still. i couldn't last if they were to disappear, i call them at least once a week, just to say what's up and catchup on family news and events.

lookin onto the years ahead, for my kids, that's what i want for them, to not have to struggle, to equip them with what they need to find what they like, who they like, and how to care for the ones they love. sappy yea. but not my point, i'm saying that i'm thankful for mom and dad perservering some ugly obstacles for themselves, but also for me.


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