Thursday, February 26, 2004

38 mins each way

listening to KJAZ (the local member supported jazz station broadcasting out of long beach) i heard that california is the 9th highest on the "commuting to work" scale. the average californian drives 1 hr a day going to and from work. that's a 30 min commute to work. new york is the number one, 38 mins each way is the avg new yorker's travel to make the bread.

i checked my travel time and after leaving at 6:39am i found that i arrived at 7:13am (i start at 7 but lately i've been getting up a bit later) that's a 34 min commute. i'm close! but i know that my way home is way more traffic and so that bumps up my average commute per day. i could hang with those new yorkers! i'm the O.C. kid who commutes like a new yorker. man this sounds bad. real bad.

i need to start finding stuff to talk about on this page.

-my co-workers didn't believe that i weighed 185lbs cause i'm 5'9" and hide the basketball belly better than most.

dance moves: this is awesome hit this link!

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

FAT tuesday

everyone went out and got fat on fat tuesday. i didn't i sat at home and worked on my car insurance application. (party up in here!) i did however save $1600.00 a year. i'm a freaking commercial but it's true. from 1300/month to 1000/ year and i have BETTER coverage, instead of a 500 deductible, i have a 300! get that!!

not like i won't be broke and still a wannabe computer geek loser, but i just won't throw so much money to stupid state farm and their damn representative that always makes me talk to his secretarys instead of him.

enough of this. onto more happy better issues:

kim is back!!! i missed her so, she was the inspiring factor for me to start this blog, and continue it. her layouts/entries/pictures are all so dope. so glad to have her back. things are good once again on the net.

it's lunchtime on wed. the grossest day of the week, i'm going to take a drive, to keep my sanity. that's the nose to the grindstone for your info only.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004


sleep is a pretty weird thing if you sit and think about it. which most people don't so it's not such a weird thing. but it is. (just like this post)

we lay down and rest and close our eyes and dream about the random stuff that we don't remember or really even understand if we do for some weird reason recall a few minutes of our daily hours of sleep.

well my problem is that i get really really tired around 4:30-5:00pm daily. yes, while i'm driving home in traffic. i get so sleepy. i swerve and find myself slapping my face (which i also do when i'm wide awake yet pretty drunk with my sophisticated friends) but as soon as i am 3 miles or so from my house, i'm awake. i get home and can't sleep! but on my way home i'm dozing off and nodding my head all over the place trying my hardest to stay awake.

today is different, today it's only 2pm and i'm doing the same thing. nodding at the desk. i need a wake-me-up, i need someone here that's got some energy that i can get some wake up from. i'm so sleepy. WAKE uP AAmeeRRRR!!! is what i tell myself but i somehow can't....

it's tea time. i need tea.

Monday, February 16, 2004


my life has not so many highlights. But this weekend I made some. I could prolly fill that 30 second espn sportscenter highlight trailer with what I did this weekend. I love it. A good weekend makes for a tolerable week.

Friday was downtown LA, dancing, old friends, new friends, loud music, sweaty dance floors, and watching the sun come up. 8am bedtime.

Saturday had a bit of driving involved woke up at 6pm…followed by half a hot pocket and a sound system setup in a second story 3600sq foot loft near downtown LA. After a nice shower and 10 chicken mcnuggets I was ready to drink it up and have some fun! 5am, time for bed again.

Sunday all I can really recall is a blackened calimari burrito accompanied by a dos equis. The sun was shining and the wind was blowing. What a day for a nap.

I have to say. Valentines day was pretty fun. The “down with love” ugly sweater theme party was good times, there was prizes and we played twister, board games, chips and salsa, chocolates, beers, hard liquors, cigarettes, talking, beers, black cups, baloons, hugs, laughs, and well... just check it all out here

Friday, February 13, 2004

vday, versus the 13th

today is friday the 13th. and i was warned by many to be safe, careful and watch out for what could happen. friday the 13th is a day of scary shit right? the freddy? or was it jason?! who knows... all those christian-boy-name movies are scary and remind me of what happens on friday the 13th...

so i'm in the office, asking people. pondering what started the friday the 13th thing... and the chief metallurgist happend to hear me. so he enlightened me... i'm not going to puke out what he said since everyone who wants to know knows google has been invented. and all know the magnitude of it's power. sure i could do your work for you and put up a link to google, or even my favorite google-found link to the search for "friday the 13th history" let's just say the story reminded me of starcraft. you'll know what i'm talking about if you have ever used protoss...

ok that's my nerd side coming out, it must be close to the weekend, that or some pretty girl must have just walked by and my pretty-chick-radar picked her up instantaneously triggering my unattractive acting hormone. it's normally found in rare animals like the possum and the hairless cats. well yea i got stuck with it as well. but it's only triggered.... you get the story.

let's take a bird walk (aka tangent)

SO what up with Valentine's day... that i didn't ask at work, and i didn't google... but i did hear a co-worker (a married one) say that it was a holiday for single people. single people hu? so they can what? mourn the fact that they're alone and other's aren't? does he say this cause he gets his wife nothing and she does the same? another co-worker of mine said his wife always gets him flowers!! does that make him the man? or wait... the pants. something about wearing them, man i'm bad at sayings. nevertheless, it's strange how these days evolve into what they are now. vday wasn't what it was before was it? i mean now i hear so much anti-valentines day as opposed to valentines day stuff... and even the couples that ARE celebrating it in a positive way play it down... "yea we're not getting anything or doing anything cause we don't feel like doing it this year..." what???! they say this while others are mumbling "damn vday piece of shit crap ass day, i hate vday! let's break heart shaped cookies on vday just cause it sucks that we have nobody!"

i'm lost. don't get me started on xmas. (i love to abbreviate holidays, like pday, bday, vday, xmas, e-stir, h-ika, lday, iday, nye, man i could go on... but won't) i'm lost on the fat man, the sled, the tree, stockings, mangers, stars, candles, dradles, scotch-no wait, i know exactly what's up with the scotch. mmm yes. the scotch is unavoidably the new xmas! scotch for everyone!

Monday, February 9, 2004

neck bone connected to the... knee bone

knee bone connected to the... knee bone

waist bone connected to the... knee bone

... is it always connected to the knee bone??

when you don't eat for a long time, and you're so hungry, like beyond hungry, anything looks good but there's nothing in sight to snack on, and so you don't eat and you keep on keepin on... truckin and f$ckin like you're duckin the buckin.

and then an hour later you say you're not even hungry anymore, your hunger has passed... in that time is that when your body starts burning fat for energy and that's why you find yourself not hungry?

so what's new? i got my tires! nitto neo gen tires. these are so new that i haven't really heard anything about them and don't know what to expect. i got 215/40ZR17's which means they're 1cm wider than my current tires. i also got new rims, msr 116's that are 17" instead of my factory 15" rims. pretty excited, yes.

please view:

soon these two will become one! (oh yea we keep a keg by the front door, just in case right? everyone does these days, it's like the atkins diet. if you're going to have a keg then you mine as well keep it by your new rims and tires!)

and here's some cool info on the tires i just picked up... sorta intresting if you're a tire person.

so these will go on debora, my green 1994 prelude vtec. she treats me well so i have to treat her well in return.

in other news my roomate an i spend the last 2 hrs cleaning the bathroom, yes 2 hrs. that's 4 man hours, and it's nice, can't wait till i have to go to the bathroom now! it'll be such a clean and refreshing experience! the only drawback is that i have the worst case of dishpan hands!!!

Friday, February 6, 2004

when everybody around me keeps fallin... 6 feet deep

i recall that in highschool, if you asked me or anyone i knew, all of us

would have the same answer. nobody i knew had known someone that died. with

the exception of a grandparent here and there.

come senior year there were a few classmates that were in a car accident, it

was surreal to me that they had passed away. the fact that they died, and i

had known them and seen them all throughout my schooling. i couldn't grasp

it. felt as if they were just not in sight. but realizing that they'd never

be in sight was the scary idea that i just couldn't come to understand.

in college i experience more, and death was a bit closer to me. taking

distant family members or famliy friends that i would see every few years or

so. this was a bit more of a realization to me yet i still didn't

understand the never in "they'll never come back"

with my first year in the real world work force i have had more experience

with death than the previous 23years on this planet. from grandma to aunt

to coworker to regular aquaintences of people i know and who they know.

it seems that as i grow older, death will make itself more and more

apparent. death is something that happens and in the movies it seems like

life just stops when someone else's life stops. but it doesn't. we go on.

party on wayne, party on garth. it's like that i guess... who knew a

saturday night live skit would teach me so much about life and death and

life after death, for the living of course.

i guess i imagined myself to live till i was 106 years old and when i died

my lovely wife of age 106 as well would die with me and it'd be a nice slow

painless in my sleep kinda death, and of course we'd have great sex the

night before, one last time sorta thing... maybe that's the cause of our

death!! what a way to go tho? but it won't. i'll prolly be pulled out of a

wrecked car, or slip on a banana peel and hit my head on a sharp metalic

structure pointy in stature. i figure i'll go and hopefully make it on

darwin's top 10 list. you know, top 10 most idiotic deaths, i heard of one

where a guy tipped a pepsi machine and it crushed him to death. or another

man who after eating beans and cabbage went to bed in his room which had

very poor air circulation died from the amount of toxic gas in the room (yea

his own farts killed him) they said the firemen that went into the room

started throwing up due to the putrid smell. gross.

i don't dream to go that way, but it's just my luck. 106 is double what some

people live. it's quadruple what i've lived. will life at 106 be as good as

it was at 18 or 22 or now at 24. acutually life at 24 is good. i have tons

of problems, but with out problems i'd be bored and have nothing to complain

to friends and co-workers.

but the point here is that death is there. i've been sheilded from it and

now i'm not. it's hard to accept/understand. i know i miss my dog. but i was

so happy when he was around, i remember then, still makes me smile =) man he

was fat!

Monday, February 2, 2004

taking sand to the beach

after talking with a few peers this past friday i found out that people go to the century club in suits. suits. yea, like the thing you wear to an interview (it was only guys i was talking to). a suit. with a tie, jacket, all the shenanegans. a suit!!! on a friday or saturday night, at a hot and sweaty overpriced hard to get in unless you know someone club that requires a suit. and they go there to meet girls. when i told them i go to places and wear regular pants, sneakers, sweatshirts, jackets, typical street clothes basically... they looked at me in disbelief, then asked how i met girls if everyone was dressed all grubby. i said i don't! i don't go to meet girls, i simply go to have fun and dance.

they didn't realize this. why go to a club if you're not going to meet girls. i then told them that i go with girls. and that's when their jaws dropped. why the heck do you go to clubs with girls? you're bringing sand to the beach they said.

sand to the beach is what i bring i suppose. i mean... is the reason that i go to the beach for the sand tho? that's my question. nope. actually, sand is the one thing about the beach i don't like. it gets to you and you can't rid yourself of it till you get home and take a nice full shower, and vacuum your car and wash your towel/suit. that's a bitch if you ask me. i go for the ocean (music), the sun (ambience), and the alcohaul (alcohaul). yes alcohaul makes an appearance at the beach as well as the club. it's just that way. go figure. i figure if girls are sand this is how it works.

i have a good time at the clubs without sand. and i have a good time at the beach without the girls. go figure. it's not rocket science, it's girl/beach science!

on to more intresting topics. i was really drunk on saturday (compliments of davesson) and put out a candle with my hand. later the next day it blistered and just to prove it i have a picture, enjoy: