Monday, February 16, 2004


my life has not so many highlights. But this weekend I made some. I could prolly fill that 30 second espn sportscenter highlight trailer with what I did this weekend. I love it. A good weekend makes for a tolerable week.

Friday was downtown LA, dancing, old friends, new friends, loud music, sweaty dance floors, and watching the sun come up. 8am bedtime.

Saturday had a bit of driving involved woke up at 6pm…followed by half a hot pocket and a sound system setup in a second story 3600sq foot loft near downtown LA. After a nice shower and 10 chicken mcnuggets I was ready to drink it up and have some fun! 5am, time for bed again.

Sunday all I can really recall is a blackened calimari burrito accompanied by a dos equis. The sun was shining and the wind was blowing. What a day for a nap.

I have to say. Valentines day was pretty fun. The “down with love” ugly sweater theme party was good times, there was prizes and we played twister, board games, chips and salsa, chocolates, beers, hard liquors, cigarettes, talking, beers, black cups, baloons, hugs, laughs, and well... just check it all out here


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