Friday, February 13, 2004

vday, versus the 13th

today is friday the 13th. and i was warned by many to be safe, careful and watch out for what could happen. friday the 13th is a day of scary shit right? the freddy? or was it jason?! who knows... all those christian-boy-name movies are scary and remind me of what happens on friday the 13th...

so i'm in the office, asking people. pondering what started the friday the 13th thing... and the chief metallurgist happend to hear me. so he enlightened me... i'm not going to puke out what he said since everyone who wants to know knows google has been invented. and all know the magnitude of it's power. sure i could do your work for you and put up a link to google, or even my favorite google-found link to the search for "friday the 13th history" let's just say the story reminded me of starcraft. you'll know what i'm talking about if you have ever used protoss...

ok that's my nerd side coming out, it must be close to the weekend, that or some pretty girl must have just walked by and my pretty-chick-radar picked her up instantaneously triggering my unattractive acting hormone. it's normally found in rare animals like the possum and the hairless cats. well yea i got stuck with it as well. but it's only triggered.... you get the story.

let's take a bird walk (aka tangent)

SO what up with Valentine's day... that i didn't ask at work, and i didn't google... but i did hear a co-worker (a married one) say that it was a holiday for single people. single people hu? so they can what? mourn the fact that they're alone and other's aren't? does he say this cause he gets his wife nothing and she does the same? another co-worker of mine said his wife always gets him flowers!! does that make him the man? or wait... the pants. something about wearing them, man i'm bad at sayings. nevertheless, it's strange how these days evolve into what they are now. vday wasn't what it was before was it? i mean now i hear so much anti-valentines day as opposed to valentines day stuff... and even the couples that ARE celebrating it in a positive way play it down... "yea we're not getting anything or doing anything cause we don't feel like doing it this year..." what???! they say this while others are mumbling "damn vday piece of shit crap ass day, i hate vday! let's break heart shaped cookies on vday just cause it sucks that we have nobody!"

i'm lost. don't get me started on xmas. (i love to abbreviate holidays, like pday, bday, vday, xmas, e-stir, h-ika, lday, iday, nye, man i could go on... but won't) i'm lost on the fat man, the sled, the tree, stockings, mangers, stars, candles, dradles, scotch-no wait, i know exactly what's up with the scotch. mmm yes. the scotch is unavoidably the new xmas! scotch for everyone!


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