Monday, February 9, 2004

neck bone connected to the... knee bone

knee bone connected to the... knee bone

waist bone connected to the... knee bone

... is it always connected to the knee bone??

when you don't eat for a long time, and you're so hungry, like beyond hungry, anything looks good but there's nothing in sight to snack on, and so you don't eat and you keep on keepin on... truckin and f$ckin like you're duckin the buckin.

and then an hour later you say you're not even hungry anymore, your hunger has passed... in that time is that when your body starts burning fat for energy and that's why you find yourself not hungry?

so what's new? i got my tires! nitto neo gen tires. these are so new that i haven't really heard anything about them and don't know what to expect. i got 215/40ZR17's which means they're 1cm wider than my current tires. i also got new rims, msr 116's that are 17" instead of my factory 15" rims. pretty excited, yes.

please view:

soon these two will become one! (oh yea we keep a keg by the front door, just in case right? everyone does these days, it's like the atkins diet. if you're going to have a keg then you mine as well keep it by your new rims and tires!)

and here's some cool info on the tires i just picked up... sorta intresting if you're a tire person.

so these will go on debora, my green 1994 prelude vtec. she treats me well so i have to treat her well in return.

in other news my roomate an i spend the last 2 hrs cleaning the bathroom, yes 2 hrs. that's 4 man hours, and it's nice, can't wait till i have to go to the bathroom now! it'll be such a clean and refreshing experience! the only drawback is that i have the worst case of dishpan hands!!!


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