Tuesday, February 24, 2004


sleep is a pretty weird thing if you sit and think about it. which most people don't so it's not such a weird thing. but it is. (just like this post)

we lay down and rest and close our eyes and dream about the random stuff that we don't remember or really even understand if we do for some weird reason recall a few minutes of our daily hours of sleep.

well my problem is that i get really really tired around 4:30-5:00pm daily. yes, while i'm driving home in traffic. i get so sleepy. i swerve and find myself slapping my face (which i also do when i'm wide awake yet pretty drunk with my sophisticated friends) but as soon as i am 3 miles or so from my house, i'm awake. i get home and can't sleep! but on my way home i'm dozing off and nodding my head all over the place trying my hardest to stay awake.

today is different, today it's only 2pm and i'm doing the same thing. nodding at the desk. i need a wake-me-up, i need someone here that's got some energy that i can get some wake up from. i'm so sleepy. WAKE uP AAmeeRRRR!!! is what i tell myself but i somehow can't....

it's tea time. i need tea.


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