Monday, February 2, 2004

taking sand to the beach

after talking with a few peers this past friday i found out that people go to the century club in suits. suits. yea, like the thing you wear to an interview (it was only guys i was talking to). a suit. with a tie, jacket, all the shenanegans. a suit!!! on a friday or saturday night, at a hot and sweaty overpriced hard to get in unless you know someone club that requires a suit. and they go there to meet girls. when i told them i go to places and wear regular pants, sneakers, sweatshirts, jackets, typical street clothes basically... they looked at me in disbelief, then asked how i met girls if everyone was dressed all grubby. i said i don't! i don't go to meet girls, i simply go to have fun and dance.

they didn't realize this. why go to a club if you're not going to meet girls. i then told them that i go with girls. and that's when their jaws dropped. why the heck do you go to clubs with girls? you're bringing sand to the beach they said.

sand to the beach is what i bring i suppose. i mean... is the reason that i go to the beach for the sand tho? that's my question. nope. actually, sand is the one thing about the beach i don't like. it gets to you and you can't rid yourself of it till you get home and take a nice full shower, and vacuum your car and wash your towel/suit. that's a bitch if you ask me. i go for the ocean (music), the sun (ambience), and the alcohaul (alcohaul). yes alcohaul makes an appearance at the beach as well as the club. it's just that way. go figure. i figure if girls are sand this is how it works.

i have a good time at the clubs without sand. and i have a good time at the beach without the girls. go figure. it's not rocket science, it's girl/beach science!

on to more intresting topics. i was really drunk on saturday (compliments of davesson) and put out a candle with my hand. later the next day it blistered and just to prove it i have a picture, enjoy:


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