Wednesday, February 25, 2004

FAT tuesday

everyone went out and got fat on fat tuesday. i didn't i sat at home and worked on my car insurance application. (party up in here!) i did however save $1600.00 a year. i'm a freaking commercial but it's true. from 1300/month to 1000/ year and i have BETTER coverage, instead of a 500 deductible, i have a 300! get that!!

not like i won't be broke and still a wannabe computer geek loser, but i just won't throw so much money to stupid state farm and their damn representative that always makes me talk to his secretarys instead of him.

enough of this. onto more happy better issues:

kim is back!!! i missed her so, she was the inspiring factor for me to start this blog, and continue it. her layouts/entries/pictures are all so dope. so glad to have her back. things are good once again on the net.

it's lunchtime on wed. the grossest day of the week, i'm going to take a drive, to keep my sanity. that's the nose to the grindstone for your info only.


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