Thursday, February 26, 2004

38 mins each way

listening to KJAZ (the local member supported jazz station broadcasting out of long beach) i heard that california is the 9th highest on the "commuting to work" scale. the average californian drives 1 hr a day going to and from work. that's a 30 min commute to work. new york is the number one, 38 mins each way is the avg new yorker's travel to make the bread.

i checked my travel time and after leaving at 6:39am i found that i arrived at 7:13am (i start at 7 but lately i've been getting up a bit later) that's a 34 min commute. i'm close! but i know that my way home is way more traffic and so that bumps up my average commute per day. i could hang with those new yorkers! i'm the O.C. kid who commutes like a new yorker. man this sounds bad. real bad.

i need to start finding stuff to talk about on this page.

-my co-workers didn't believe that i weighed 185lbs cause i'm 5'9" and hide the basketball belly better than most.

dance moves: this is awesome hit this link!


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