Tuesday, November 18, 2003

wild and crazy friday night

thrusday summed up in one line:

golf, baby back ribs, 3 24oz beers, 3 johnnywalker blacklabels, 1 double crown, 1 glenfeddich

friday (daytime) summed up in one line:

drive drunk to work, co worker goes home due to hangover, i stay till 4 and am in bed by 5:30

i had plans friday to hang out with my friend sonic and some other people. going to the conga room and for some electroclash performance. not bad for a friday. plans are meet at sonic's place 45mins away from my house at 10pm

10:15pm i get a call, which wakes me from my slumber "ameer you on the road?" "nah man i'm in bed, you just woke me up" "alright just stay there, we'll hang out next weekend" "peace"

around 12:30 i wake up and stumble into the tv room with my bass. i figure i'll practice a bit, watch tv, go to bed in an hr or so and call it a night. tomorrow i'll take over the world, tonight i'll spend friday night at home. my roomate had asked me what i was doing when i got home from work on my way from the front door to my bed. i told him i had plans at 10. he complained about having nothing to do and that's all she wrote cause i hit the floor.

now at 12:30 he's still up, in his room.. prolly playing poker online or something. his car is in the driveway. my other two roomates are out in michigan partying and drinking more than they're body's weight in cheap booze.

all of a sudden the door opens. someone walks in. some kid. i had never seen him before in my life. a caucasian male about 21 yrs old wearing a brown flannel shirt a white t-shirt underneath and some regular pants. he walks in with confidence. sits on the couch. and commences to watch tv with me. i give him a "what's up" he returns it.

after a min or so of silence he gets up and moves across the room to a double door that leads to efrian's room, but the doors were taken off and a slab of soundproof wall was put up. never the less this stranger starts trying to open it and go in efrain's room. now i know all of efrain's friends (or at least the ones that would just walk right into efrain's house) but i assumed that since efrain is in michigan, he'd not have any visitors. then there's eric, who's still in his room... i tell the guy.. eric's in his room.. down the hall on the left. so the guy walks in. and comes right back with a very blank stare on his face.

he sees me and asks me if eric is outside. i tell him he's in his room again. this is when the guy goes to the front door and looks at the door knob for a good 30-45 seconds. just the door knob.

he opens the door. walks 5-6 steps outside. (mind you the porch light is off and it is 12:45am) and stares at cars and houses for a bit. then he walks a bit more towards the street and that's when i decided to not spy on him anymore. and he's gone.

i then go to eric's room to find that HE'S NOT HOME!!!! the door was closed, light on, car parked in driveway. and he wasn't home. i had no clue.

later on when he came home with a girl, i asked him if he was expecting anyone. he said no. gave me a confused look and then inquired why? i told him about a guy and how he looked... eric continued to give me a stare of disbelief... he ran to his room to see if anything had been stolen. it hadn't. but this is when i really started to realize... some stranger just came right into the house! from now on i lock the door. even if i'm watching tv home along. i'm just a door locker now. that's it... i'm not so keen about some dude just walking in my house. even tho it did give me something to say about my friday night.


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