Monday, November 24, 2003

stories make the world go round

i love stories, i love telling stories, hearing stories, but most of all making stories.

much of the time i will do something out of charachter or against common sense due to the chance that i may get a cool story out of this. stories are memories, and memories are what keep me going. if i didn't remember anything (i'd be 100% happy all the time first of all) but conversely i'd have nothing to motivate me to persue anything. cause i'd forget it in a sec anyway.

saturday me and jowilla, my good friend go to costco to get some hotdogs and change her tires. after she's all paid and everything's done she tells me: "2hr wait dude" i guess she has to drop her vocab when she wants to communicat to me. so we hang out in costco for as long as humanly possible (1hr 15mins) eat for 15, and hope that 2 hrs really meant 1:30hrs. we were wrong. so outside, with a shopping cart we sat and watched the car.

thru the day we had mentioned how we enjoyed drinking. and on weekends almost had to have a drink in order to have a pleasureable weekend. so as we sat, starting to get cold, on the curb in the costco parking lot next to $100.00 of meat (jowilla is doing the atkin's diet) in a shopping cart watching her civic sit up on a lift.

after 10-15 mins i pray that something happens to liven up the moment. a conversation spark, or an intresting encounter with someone... and all of a sudden, i look to the ground. there, right next to me, i reach down and without even moving my butt from the spot on the curb where i had it planted for 15 solid minutes was a shiny silvery unopened i looked at it and picked it up then looked at jowilla and instantaneously we were hysterically laughing as if the funniest thing in the world had just happened.

so here i am, with a beer. i figured someone had to have left this just for me. i wiped it off (cause it was in the gutter sorta) and drank the beer! i had to... how could this have made story status if i just found the beer and chucked it or something. it'd be a waste of my life to even had found the beer. all this went thru my head and i said... drink the beer i must. for i will have to tell of this day for years to come.

it was warm, watery, yuky coors light. and i drank it, enjoyed it, laughed, and then finished it. thus finishing today's story.


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