Monday, April 19, 2004


i, like every internet junky, get bored with the same old things on the internet. sure the world is at my fingertips, but sometimes my fingers aren't the problem. it's my mind. where to go? there's nothing online! what do i do?

in these instances i usually go to craigslist and read what's for sale, what's being given out for free, how much rent costs in certian areas, etc... but the personals. oh my gosh what a gas.

the personals are more entertaining than all the previously noted categories. for example. in the "women seeking men" category just for today, monday april 19th, there were 140some odd posts. one hundred and forty!! there's so many lonely people out there! and these are women!!! "men seeking women" had 600+ entries for today. just today.

here's an intresting one the title is Girl Next Door Seeks Sugar Daddy and more - 20

This girl comes complete with laptap computer, modest income, and an excellent report card. All she needs is a nice place to live with a sweet gentleman. I can organize your house, do some cleaning and cooking, any projects you may have, and perhaps offer some other benefits. But first we need to talk about what we both want to see if we can meet each other's needs. I'm fresh-faced and cherubic with long brown hair, green eyes, and an hourglass figure. I'm also intelligent, creative and respectful and expect you to be the same. If you live alone and want your house to be more like a home, let's talk.

i love it. who the heck would respond to this?! it's mind boggling.

then another one titled beer, sports, sex - 25

which turned out to be a guy, coaching all the other guys who were browsing for females in need of some me. he had 11 points to his list of what to/not do in order to court the right woman for you off of craigslist. i liked point number 4 the best

4) Just because you've been to Reno does not mean you're well traveled.

this guy is pissed off yet he's willing to help. i don't know whether he deserves praise or to be thrown into a the kookoo's nest.

then there's this section "missed encounters" this makes me sad. i read this and realize that there's so many what could have been scenarios posted here everyday. how sad. it's like the part in the movie where you know both sides of the story and it almost comes together so well but they don't want you to have that satisfaction. and here we go...

Nathan (from the Clay Theatre), we met at Place Pigalle on Sat. - w4m - 28

I told you about the article in the Guardian that irked me.

I gave you fritz (but no ailoi -- 'tis bikini season, right?).

You bought me a drink.

You moved to the couch next to me.

You described Mr. Show.

I left to meet a friend.

I paused outside the door after leaving, hoping you'd come out and ask me for my number.

You made me smile.

This is a long shot, but perhaps you'll see this? If so, I'd love to meet again.


why did she leave to meet a friend? she regretted it so much that she had to go up to craigslist and post this. wow. jaw dropping. if i knew i made a girl do that i'd be in awe. but who knows, i'd have to go through hundreds of posts a day every day after i went anywhere and met anyone i don' t normally see.

personal ads aren't new. they're old. they're full of acronyms and horny/lonely/sad/disturbed people. and if i find myself posting something similar when i'm 49, i won't be surprised.


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