Tuesday, April 13, 2004

barbara streisand

kelly clarkson

penelope cruz

shirley maclaine

what do all these women have in common? famous -yes. women -yes. anything else??? there's one thing you overlooked... they're all born on the same date. yes. april 24th! awesome isn't it! why do you ask? because that's when i was born! april 24th. the day of days. somethings just need to be known to an individual and i found all the celebritys that i knew that share my same day of birth. sure they're all women. we all have the same sign. none of them are born in 1979. there's actually no famous person born in 1979 on april 24th. that means my spot is still open! i'm moving on up!! to the east side!! (but out here in california, who wants to move to the east!? can we say riverside? second thought better not say it)

yes my birthday is coming up. i'm excited. i'm also bitter. i always wish i wasn't so late. if i didn't take my damn sweet time all the time i could have been born a few days earlier, say april 20th instead of april 24th. that would have given me 420 as a bday instead of 424. and by the way adolph hitler was born on 420, along with carmen electra, and joey lawrence. speaking of joey lawrence, do you think that ashton kutcher is the new joey lawrence? i think so. and i think good ol jo got jacked. he didn't have an mtv show where he played practical jokes on celebs, he was the exact opposite. they tried to make him sing and be a pop icon. everyone knows mtv will take you further if you're on it without backupdancers. i mean, how many videos do you really see on mtv these days? sure if you're up at 4am, wait, do they even play videos then? how has this blog turned into me, talking about teenage (although these guys aren't teenagers) heart throbs.

i'm getting old. that's what it is. 25 times around the sun seems like some extreme space mission that shouldn't have even been thought about, yet i've done it, well i'm doing it. i still have a few days (11) of being 24, and i'm loving it. i'm 24 baby! yup, still sorta early 20s. it could almost be argued. 25 is blatant. it's over. 25 is i'm a mid 20s person no questions sir.

so today i'm indulging in being 24. last year i turned 24 on the 24th of april. the golden bday. what did i do? i went to work. yea. worked and then went out for drinks. nothing humungo. i'm like that aren't i. non-humungo.

bigger is not always better. think of debt!


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